style says….shop with friends!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I love the blog world! Through writing this little bloggie I’ve managed to stumble across some amazing bloggers who share my passions. Today I wanted to share with you a site that is geared towards one of my passions: shopping. That site is StyleSays.

I found out about StyleSays through Jess, a founder of the site. Jess found me through a mutual friend, and after getting to talk with him via email, I quickly realized that the concept was brill (remember how I like to abbrev, peeps?). I love shopping, and I love hanging out with my friends. But trying to coordinate shopping dates with them is the equivilent of me figuring out a rubix cube. It ain’t gonna happen people. Unless I can find an app that shows me how to do it….but that would require me having to use my Iphone for things other than texting crazy photos of myself to the boy….okay, I’ve gone and lost it now….where were we?

Ahh, shopping….

So here’s how StyleSays works. According to their press kit:

StyleSays is the first truly social shopping experience. On [our] site you can chat in real time with your friends while shopping hundreds of the top stores and building personal collections.

After getting to play around with the website, I quickly learned that StyleSays would pretty much be the love child if Facebook and Pinterest decided to shack up one night and make a baby…TMI? Okay, stay with me here! The site is geared towards uniting shoppers and their favorite stores under the same roofs. Like I said, brill, right?  Some features of the site:

Chat – while shopping, you can chat with your friends via facebook, just as if you were shopping with them in real life! Send them messages, pics, etc of the clothes you like, and get their opinions right away. Chat histories are saved, so you can always go back and revisit something you talked about previously.

Personal collections – Like something from a site? Just “say it”, and add it to your personal collection on your profile! It helps you keep track of all your favorite items, as well as when those items go on sale.

Personal recommendations – StyleSays wants to keep you up to date, so they’ve made it super easy to keep track of what you and your friends are shopping for. They also recommend other items based on what you have in your personal collection. It’s your very own personal stylist!

Another great perk? StyleSays will notify you of free shipping offers, so you won’t have to spend that extra dough no mo!

Jess said it best when he said, “My style has always been about me. But I’ve started to realize that it’s also a part of my friends. It’s not what my style says about me, it’s what our style says about us.”

Getting started is easy, too! Just head over to StyleSays and create your profile! Then start browsing through the directory of stores on the site, or go find your own to add to the list.

Be sure to also check them out on Twitter and Facebook!

So, want to go shopping with me?

hearts and hugs,




  1. Jess contacted me too! And I have an almost identical post ready with an interview with him. I’ve put it off for a month because I was trying to use some of the features first, but now that I see so many people posting I don’t know if it’s too late? You did a good recap! Find me on stylesays so we can be bad influences to each other and inspire some fun new purchases 😉

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