trinity mother francis!

Yesterday evening I came home planning on knocking out a 10 miler before heading over to the Terrace to hang out with the girls. Monday evenings are usually my only set free night during the week, so I tend to try to get a longer run in on those days since the rest of the week is filled with other obligations…(and I’m kinda trying to train for a marathon here)…Anyways, I came home, slipped on my tank and tights, laced up the Sauconys, snapped my running belt around my waist, and flew out the door. 1.5 miles in, I came up to the intersection of 121 and Denton Road. Part of the intersection goes underneath 121, and shortly before 6pm I came up to that point, slowing down a bit in order to wait for cars to cross. At that moment, a Mercedes and a silver car collided head on in front of me. The silver car spun out into the intersection, but the mercedes kept going, jumping up onto the sidewalk heading straight for me. After the initial impact of the cars I paused slightly, the shock halting my steps as I witnessed both cars crumble like tin cans. However, a split second later I realized the Mercedes was not only still going, but was also coming right at me! As the woman in the car swerved to miss me, I leapt out of the way, knocking myself into a light pole as I jumped. Rolling to the side, I popped back up, the adrenaline pulsing through me as I quickly made sure I was no longer in the pathway of the car.  As both cars settled from the impact, the rest of the intersection came to life. People got out of their cars, making sure everyone was alright. A few rolled down their windows and shouted at me, checking to see if I was fine after my “stop, drop and roll”. The cops were called, numbers were exchanged, and info was taken for insurance purposes. I immediately knew, thanks to my racing heart, shaky hands and throbbing leg, that the rest of my run was shot, and speed dialed the boy to come scoop me up. After picking me up and taking me home, I spent the next half hour laying on my living room floor, trying to slow the pace of my rapidly beating heart, all the while struggling to erase the image of the Mercedes bearing down on me.

I’ve run hundreds of miles on those roads, some even busier than that one, yet the only injuries to ever befall me have been stubbed toes, bloody knees, or the occasional kick ass blister. 🙂 Last night’s events won’t deter me from running through that intersection…not at all! Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. I won’t change my path in life due to one scary event. If I did, I’d be twisting and turning so much, I’d never be settled. My life would be a constant upheaval of emotions and decisions. It doesn’t sound so pleasant, does it? I didn’t think so….

So, come Wednesday evening, since I’ll have an hour to run, I’ll be back on that road….just maybe watching out for any wayward cars. 😉

hearts and hugs,




  1. Booter, are you really okay? Do L.L.Bean and I need to come hang out and hold you while you sleep?

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