a race, a singalong, and snails…oh my!

This weekend my sis and BIL drove up from Austin for some much needed family time. I always love having them up here because it usually means good food, good wine, good shopping, and of course, good company. This weekend was no exception! The Race for the Cure was happening on Saturday, and since my mom’s school had put together a team to walk, we decided to tag along. The race started at 8am on Saturday, and if you know anything about Dallas and its highways, you would know that driving from Flower Mound to the location of the race would mean getting up and leaving at a very un-Godly hour. No bueno.

Enter: Bob’s master plan. My dad figured that we would need all the extra beauty sleep we could get, since our day was going to be filled with activity, so why not just spend the night in Dallas? It sounds crazy, since we live only 30 minutes or so from downtown, but with traffic from the State Fair, as well as traffic due to the race, it would have been a nightmare. So Friday night, we packed our bags, and checked into the Doubletree Hotel, right across the street from North Park Centre, where the race would begin. It was great getting to simply wake up, grab some java, and walk across I-75 to the meeting point for the Valley Ridge group.

The Race for the Cure is an amazing event, and always full of great entertainment and people watching. We had a blast walking the 3.1 miles (well, I danced most of the way….), and by the time we finished, we were starving!

We headed over to Starbucks afterwards to refuel, and then back to the hotel for a shower. Why? Because up next….West Side Story! My family has been huge musical fans ever since we were kids and my sister and I would perform “Sisters” from White Christmas. My sister actually took part in our high school’s West Side Story performance back in the day, as part of the Puerto Rican cast. And no, we are not Puerto Rican….it’s the Italian in us. Apparently we pull of Latin better than Caucasian sometimes.

After cleaning up from the race, we took the DART rail over to Fair Park, where the musical was taking place. Taking public transit is always interesting. I’ve had the privilege (I guess?) of riding public transit all over the world, and despite the differences they all have, one thing remains the same: you will always ride with the crazies. What do I mean by that? Let’s see….the guy who mumbles to himself the entire time. The woman with the fanny pack and the socks with pictures of cats on them, and a sweatshirt that reads, “My kats are my kids”. The old man with no teeth and even less grooming standards. These are the crazies. The die-hard transit warriors. The creme de la creme of the public roads. 🙂 This weekend, the crazies came out in the form of bloody zombies (I swear I don’t make this stuff up). Apparently there was a festival going on down in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, drawing all blood lovers and their corpse-like companions to convene in one area for Lord know’s what kind of freak-tastic, animalistic rituals that only the half-dead seem to appreciate. I could care less….I had gang fights and forbidden romance on MY mind!!

West Side Story was absolutely amazing. The cast, the costumes, the scenery, it was all done so beautifully. When the show ended that afternoon, my sister and I skipped out of the theater stomping and clapping our hands in time to the music, chanting and singing at the top of our lungs. My mom, dad and BIL decided in that moment that she and I were NOT related to them, and thus walked about 10 yards ahead of us so as not to confuse people around that the two crazy lady singers were with them. Whatever. We were the new crazies on the DART that afternoon….and we were PROUD!

After the show we drove across town to Frisco, where we had reservations at Bonnie Ruth’s, a quaint little French bistro I had frequented a few times before. Dining outside on the veranda, we feasted on snails, lamb lollipops, calamari, mussels, duck, and delicious homemade bread. Accompanied by a great glass of wine, the meal was the perfect end to a fantastic day.

Sunday, up bright and early, we attended church that morning, followed by brunch at Corner Bakery. Afterwards, the boy and I took off for a day of relaxation…..a blanket, a park, a book, and some music. While he read, I dozed off, the gorgeous sounds of Joshua Radin floating from my Iphone, lulling me into a sleepy Sunday afternoon trance.

being lazy equals being crazy!

After lounging at the park for a few hours, we picked up some bubble tea for the road, and then headed home so I could do another training run for my marathon. A quick 3 miles in 19 minutes (wahoo!), an even quicker shower, and then it was off to the Terrace for SND….taco soup on the menu!

All in all, the weekend was a wonderful mix of relaxation and fun….just what I needed to push me over the dreaded Moan-day blues!

Do anything relaxing this weekend??

hearts and hugs,



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