friday favorites…

The State Fair of Texas, the biggest and longest running fair in our great state, is in full swing here. I can almost smell the fried twinkies and funnel cake from my office here in Plano. While I don’t actually partake in any of the vein clogging goodness that is fair food (although I DO love frozen lemonades and giant pretzels!), I always enjoy heading out to Fair Park to people watch, scope out the goods for sale, and fawn over the fluffy bunnies and goats down at the 4-H arena. I mean, seriously, have you ever SEEN a lion-haired rabbit? I almost took one home a few years back. The only thing stopping me was the fact that I had no idea how to take care of a rabbit. Otherwise, you’d be seeing me now, strolling in the park with my little fluff ball on a leash (and yes, I walk my rabbits on a leash, don’t you??)

Today’s treasury is a tribute to the fair in all it’s whimsical, fun loving, quirky glory….enjoy!

shops showcased (left to right):











happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,



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