what should this title be? (and other decisions…)

Everyone makes decisions. You may feel like you are the most indecisive person you know, and yet, you have probably made at least 10 decisions already this morning. You decided to get up this morning instead of staying in bed. You decided to brush your teeth (thank you!). You decided what outfit to wear, what shoes, what necktie, what color socks. Decisions can be quick and painless (pink versus blue?), or they can wreak havoc on your conscience (what do I want to be when I grow up? PS: I still don’t know…).

I’ve been pretty indecisive lately, waffling between options, unable to really settle on anything in particular. I’ve spent many a night standing in front of the refrigerator, staring  blankly at my shelves that contain more condiments than actual food, wondering what on Earth I really want for dinner. I’ll go back and forth between the frozen bag of brussel sprouts and the half empty greek yogurt container, ultimately deciding that I’m not actually hungry, and in fact, what I really need is to go to the grocery store. I also then wonder how the frozen brussel sprouts ended up in the fridge. And why they are still frozen….but that’s another hurdle for another time….

Sometimes I’m on a roll, lobbing up choices and knocking the answers out of the park. What do I want to do this weekend? Shop. Where? H&M. What do I want to buy? Basic tees for layering. Boom. Then there are the days when the boy asks me what I want to do that night:

“What do you feel like doing?”

“I don’t know, whatever…”

“Well, do you have anything in mind?”

“Nope, just whatever…”

“Do you even really care?”

“I don’t know…I guess not.”


I guess I can understand why making choices is so difficult (I’m firm on this…I think). We live in world where you can make roughly 15 decisions just by ordering your coffee (half calf, no foam, one pump, extra hot…). What happened to just black, cream or sugar? Nothing is black and white, not even the colors are black and white. You have white, egg shell, cream, satin, ivory, beige…picking out paint swatches for your home now becomes the equivalent of voting for the next President. I’ve seen couples have all-out debates over the new hue of their dining room simply because they could not come together on the perfect shade of eggplant (which used to be purple). Television channels are in the thousands, shopping mall directories start to read like novels, and don’t even get me started on magazine articles! Standing in line at the grocery (where it took me 5 minutes to decide on what flavor coffee creamer to purchase), I couldn’t help but notice a home life magazine that boasted 236 ways to celebrate Halloween. I’m sorry….two HUNDRED and thirty six? Who came up with that number? And why do we need that many options? I thought Halloween was about three things: candy, costumes, and creepers. Apparently there are 233 other options out there I wasn’t aware of, but can easily find out by purchasing said magazine, which, by the way, was one of six home life magazines on the rack. These examples only expose the tip of the iceberg. Our culture is so hell bent on pleasing everyone, that in the process of doing so, we’ve made it even more difficult for ourselves. Or is it supposed to be easier? You decide. 🙂

Is there a solution? I’m not sure (go figure). Decisions are not always going to be easy. Choices will always be present, and you might never know for sure if the decision you made is the right one. However, one thing IS for certain: you have to make decisions. You have to put yourself out there and just pick, because if you don’t, you’ll be left behind faster than you can say, “Apple has a new Iphone”.

Now, time for me to go order my venti, non-fat, extra hot caramel latte with an extra shot. Or should I get a cold drink? I can’t decide….

hearts and hugs,



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