bubble tea and disney…

Hellllllo! I hope you had a restful weekend! Mine was a constant flow of run/rest/recovery. Friday night kicked off the weekend “girl’s night” style, with a relaxing evening spent at the Terrace with the L’s: Lyndsey and Lindsay. On the menu: make your own salads, fro-yo sundaes and frozen margaritas. Bliss. Movies were watched, laughing ensued, and we all found ourselves passed out on the couch by the crazy hour of 10pm. Seriously, I feel like all that was missing from our geriatric evening was the polydent and crossword puzzles.

When did I start going to bed so early?

I guess it was for the best, as early the next morning I was up and on the road for a 17 mile run. What started out as a pretty steady, well-paced jog turned into a nightmare of limping/cursing/sweating ending in me literally walking the last two miles home, my chest heaving, my knees throbbing, my back aching. Pavement – 1, Becca – 0. It was the type of run that seriously made me consider getting online to drop my full marathon distance to the half. I considered it for a second, got depressed, drank a gatorade, and then realized that

A) I paid a lot of money and really want to accomplish this in my lifetime


B) I paid a LOT of money and realllllly want to accomplish this in my lifetime

It was settled.

After the run from Hades, I eventually managed to peel my limp noodle body from the floor in order to salvage the remainder of the day. I met up with my friend Tia that afternoon for a new-to-me experience, Bubble tea! If you have never heard of bubble tea (or boba tea), according to the great knower-of-all, Wikipedia, Bubble tea:

is the name for pearl milk tea and other similar tea and juice beverages that originated in tea shops in Taichung city, Taiwan during the 1980s. Drink recipes may vary, but most bubble teas contain a tea base mixed with fruit (or fruit syrup) and/or milk. Ice-blended versions of the drinks, similar to slushies, are also available, usually in fruit flavors.

I tried a black milk tea with yogurt pops and the traditional tapioca balls (aka “bubbles”). I was a bit hesistant at first about what it might taste like, but found that I LOVED it! The tea was sweet, but not too sweet, and the combination of the drink with the chewiness of the tapioca gave it a very interesting vibe. There really is not a good way to describe the taste….you’ll just have to try it! Tia and I went to Fruitalicious, which is just one of the many bubble tea places around the area.

Sunday was a whirlwind, starting with brunch with the boy’s family….whom I had yet to meet! We headed out to Frisco to the 5th Street Cafe, a quaint little cafe that was bustling the entire time we were there….it was wonderful to finally meet his mom and step-dad, and I couldn’t help but smile everytime I heard that sweet South African accent….have I mentioned I love accents?? 🙂

After brunch, it was tour-de-boyfriend…We went from house to house, visiting old friends, work friends, family friends…It was a lot of question/answer time, but I have to say, I held up rather nicely…(or so I was told) 🙂

After spending all day driving around in the rain, I decided I needed to salvage my pride and head out on the road for a “redemption run”…and how fitting that it was raining? Symbolism for cleansing? I think so…..I didn’t have a number in mind, but I had a strategy: no Debbie Downer thoughts! I was determined to stay positive and have fun! One of the downfalls of my Saturday 17 mile hell run was the fact that by mile 3 I was already giving myself a mental beatdown. It’s hard to run when you are telling yourself you can’t. Lesson learned! This time around, fueled by positivity and the cool, misty cloud cover, I ran a swift and easy 7.5 miles, only discouraged slightly by the aching twinge in my right knee thanks to my childhood struggle with Osgood’s Schlatters disease. Swell. 🙂

With my run over, and a smile on my face, I finished Sunday night with our weekly SND (Sunday Night Dinner) at the Terrace, complete with homemade pizza, cookies, and Disney singalongs. Because, after all, who says a group of guys and girls in their late 20’s/early 30’s can’t enjoy a good round of Hakuna Matata? Growing up is for adults.

How was your weekend?

hearts and hugs,




  1. omg bubble tea is the BEST! in college it was our most common study break where we’d round up a big group and treat ourselves! it’s so hard to find a place that is actually good and has real tea and not powdery crap, i am still on the hunt in the DC area!

  2. I had a similarly difficult run on Saturday. Thighs felt like jelly, heart felt like stone, mind was mildly depressed. And I only went 4.5 miles! Agh!! I’ve had to lower my expectations SO much, but I think I’m okay with it. 🙂

    I wish I could participate in the Disney-styled SND. Sounds WONDERFUL. 🙂

    Guess what, I get to see you in a few days! Woohoo!!

    • ugh. sawhy pammie….no matter how long the distance, a bad run is still a bad run 😦

      and i can’t WAIT to see you this weekend…we’ll have a GOOD run, see a GREAT show, and have a GRAND ol’ time at dinner afterwards!! 🙂

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