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The group finally decided on a theme for our Halloween party this year: Blue.

Yes…blue. I’m not sure how this came about (actually, it was my friend Dustin’s grand idea), and I’m not sure how I’m going to interpret it, but I can guarantee there will be some VERY interesting costumes this year!

Speaking of Halloween, I’ve always liked the holiday in a “I like this but am embarrassed to admit it” kind of way. Granted, I don’t like scary movies, or haunted houses, or all that voodoo and witchcraft…and I rarely eat candy (unless it’s jelly beans or candy corn!), BUT the idea of dressing up is always fun….well, except for the fact that girls think “Halloween costume” is pig latin for “slutty (insert occupation here) costume”.

Every year at work we do various fun Halloween themed parties and activities…and every year at work I am the ONLY one in my department who dresses up. Seriously. Apparently Sourcing is not as “hip and cool” as some of the other departments, although I don’t think this is a very legit excuse, as I’ve seen quite a few guys over in Procurement all gussied up, and I KNOW we gots more game then those guys! 😉

Needless to say, Peter Pan flew solo last year, and The Good Witch of the North was without her munchkins the year before….all well and good…I rocked those green tights all by my lonesome last year, and I’m sure I’ll rock it out this year!

Today’s treasury is dedicated to the spooky, scary gothic fun of Halloween…enjoy! If you dare! 🙂


shops showcased (left to right):











hearts and hugs,



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