things i’m realizing…

I normally do a post titled, “things i’m lovin…”, but today is going to be a little different. After all, it’s national “Change it Up” day….I made up this holiday on national “Make up a Holiday” day. 🙂

It’s always good to reflect from time to time, to take a look back and ponder things you’ve learned, things you’ve noticed, or things you’ve come to love. And since this week has been heavily saturated with list making here at work, I thought, “Hell, why not keep the ball rolling?”

things i’ve realized this past week…

  • I haven’t used an iron in years. I know this because I just found my iron from college.
  • I also rarely do laundry…yet I never run out of clean clothes…
  • I say, “OOH!” every time I get a text message (the boy pointed this out)
  • If you give me flowers, they will always die quickly…I have a black thumb.
  • Sometimes I really DO have black thumbs…I need to invest in pens that don’t leak.
  • My energy level can be attributed to how I look…if I look like crap, I’ll feel like crap.
  • I don’t want to be the crazy party girl that I was in college. For many reasons.
  • If you put wine in front of me, I will drink it…even if it isn’t my glass.
  • I have an affinity for made up words like “wonky”, “scotch (pronounced sc-OH-tch)”, and “betterer”. Example: “I could use a scotch more of that wine to make this wonky situation betterer.” Solid gold, people….
  • Online sales are like car crash scenes to me…I have to slow down what I’m doing to look, even though I know I shouldn’t.

Have you come to any realizations lately??

hearts and hugs,



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