reasons why i’m smiling…

  • evenings spent on a comfy couch, chatting with friends
  • running 10 glorious miles with ENERGY as the sun sets
  • drinking iced coffees with pumpkin each afternoon to give me that little pep in my step
  • wearing a fabulous pair of shoes that warrants compliments from complete strangers where ever I go
  • pulling pranks on my boss while he was on vacation…and seeing the reaction when he returned
  • finding new restaurants and enjoying them with the boy
  • waking up some mornings knowing I don’t have to wash my hair that day (seriously…I have a lot of hair…it’s a pain!)

    this also makes me smile...

why are you smiling today??

hearts and hugs,




  1. so there’s a boy now I see? 😉 he has started to creep into posts… your posts have gotten more happy (not that you were sad before or anything, there’s just an added spunk these days) and there’s a smiling category now! I’m so glad to hear you have found someone that makes you smile 🙂

    • haha ahhh yes, he’s been around for a little while (friend first) but you’re right…he’s slowly creeping into posts!! I think the spunk also has to do with the up in my caffeine intake, but he probably has something to do with it too 😉

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