those lazy, crazy, hazy….i’m sorry, where was I?

Seriously. My mind is everywhere. You can always tell when I’m distracted by the following clues:

1) I get very quiet…which is not normal because even when I’m “quiet” I’m usually making some type of sound…seriously…I’m like my own “white noise” machine.

2) I don’t laugh at your jokes….and I laugh at pretty much anything.

3) My eyes get kind of wide and hazy, and I purse my lips like I’m either trying to kiss you, or I’m deep in thought. Usually a quick slap to my face will snap me right out of that. But be warned: those that slap me normally get slapped right back. It’s a reflex….I’m working on it 🙂

I’m not sure why my mind is everywhere. Could it be from the two VENTI sized coffees I’ve had today? Or perhaps the fact that K-dog (my co-worker Kevin) and I are the only ones holding down the fort here in the Furniture and Lighting world, so things have been a little nutzo? Or maybe it’s stemming from the texts that the Boy and I have been sending back and forth??

Whatever the case, the eyes are hazy, the silence is deafening, and K-dog might be calling HR soon due to all the lip pursing going on around here….


I’ve got to focus. Normally, when distraction hits, I remedy it with the following:

1) I simply stop working. Now, hear me out…I don’t stop all together. I just take a quick break. I pull up a website, a blog, or, the mother of all mothers…Facebook. Just a few minutes away from looking at a spreadsheet or costing worksheet is enough to focus me right back up…It sounds odd masking a distraction with a distraction…but sometimes I just need a change of pace!

2) I go for a walk. My building is huge. Seriously. We have buildings inside the building. Going for a walk around the building takes approximately 15 minutes…give or take the height of my shoes that day (walking in platforms is difficult, no matter how seasoned the heel-wearer!). Taking a walk wakes me up very quickly…and satisfies my love of people-watching. You’d be surprised by the kinds of things we got goin’ on here at good ol’ JCP….there’s always something!!

3) I go talk to Atira, my work BFF…that girl can shake you out of whatever funk, distraction, misery, food coma, etc. you might be in. I go to her for pep talks, boy troubles, food discussions, gossip sessions, and of course, distraction remedies…She usually ends up making me laugh so hard I think I’m going to pee my pants, so I always make sure to keep the liquids at bay… 🙂

4) I do yoga at my desk….I’m not even kidding. You just might catch me doing a warrior pose or two in my office on a random day….Don’t worry, though….no crow poses or downward dogs….I don’t think anyone in the office wants to see that!

Do you have a go-to method for clearing your mind?

hearts and hazy hugs,




  1. I go to you for all my how-tos.
    You’re my go-to how-to girl.

  2. oooh i’m totally with you on this one! i use all of these tactics. a walk for coffee, tea, water or a blog, online shopping, or FB is standard! For example, Banana Republic is having a 40% off sale on everything until 4pm today (promo: BRTUES40) and I just got some super cute “skinny” work pants I’ve been wanting so forevs. now i’m totally ready to refocus 😉

  3. I put my head down on my desk and take a nap. But that doesn’t last long, since I’m basically a receptionist. So I walk the deck of my school and say hi to teachers on break. I can’t get on Facebook because I have no will power and get completely sucked in. It’s a disease.

  4. This post made me laugh. Thanks Becca Boo. I felt like we were sitting down eating something delish and you were talking to me xo

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