five outta ten ain’t bad…

This morning, as I lingered in accident-induced traffic on my way to work, I thought back on this post, and wondered how much of my “last minute summer to-do list” I had actually accomplished. If you know me at all, you’ll know that when I set out to do something, I am very much inclined to see it through. I like to think of it as a competition with myself. And, as we all know, that is the BEST kind! (Hellllloo Monica Gellar!)

Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed when I realized that I had only accomplished about HALF of said list….let’s take a look-see, shall we??

1. Eat about 5 more sno-cones (this is approximate, as sno-cones are deadly addictive, and the number could sky-rocket)

Well, I didn’t eat 5 more….maybe about 3? BUT, I like to think I made up for it in spades with my fro-yo obsession. Seriously. Fro-yo is God’s gift to people who like massive quantities of ice cream and don’t mind the slightly “off” taste.

2. Host another pool party (the first two I had were great successes!)

Now, I didn’t host any more parties, but I did attend about 4 or 5 more, thanks to my dear friends at the Terrace house, the homebase of my “crew”.

3. Go for an early morning run…before it starts to get chilly!

Yes! Finally one I can check off, without the addition of, “but…” or “let me explain…” The best part of those early morning runs? Sweating comes at a minimum….hallelujah!

4. Hit up the Saturday morning farmer’s markets

Hmmm, let me explain…. 😦

5. Go on a date (seriously…summer time downtown dates are the BEST! well, behind fall downtown dates…)

The BF did well….my favorite was paddle boarding at Lake Grapevine….I have a new found appreciation for sunsets!! 🙂

6. Concoct a healthy, fab-u-LOUS tasting cocktail (I’m thinking something with mango…)

Thanks to my dear friend Missi, I can now add the following to my drink repetoire:

Crystal Light Pink Lemonade, club soda, vodka, frozen pinapple…..Mix it all together and enjoy!

7. Wear my light blue strapless dress with cherries…this baby just SCREAMS 1950’s summer fun!

Unfortunately, after the list was made, I went on a hunt for this dress and came up empty handed….sad, sad day. The hunt continues…

8. Take a mini-road trip (out and back in a day…outlet mall? weird restaurant in the middle of nowhere? Doesn’t matter!)

Again, let me explain….

9. Figure out how to keep my hair from looking like a mullet (harder than it sounds, people!)

I have two words for you: curling iron.

10. Finish watching all of Will and Grace!

Yes! now….who’s your daddy?? 🙂

I know life happens, bills happen, and dresses go missing, but I’m hoping my fall list will be a bit more satisfactory than summer. Now…time to start planning! Onwards and upwards, people!

Did you accomplish what you wanted this summer? Or are you feeling “less than satisfied” with the season?

hearts and hugs,




  1. we got the same summer to do list score! yay! that means i’m not lazy, antifun, or overworked. i’m just right 😉

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