friday favorites…

Today felt so much like fall, I think a single, beautiful, leaf shaped tear escaped from my eye this morning as I walked outside to my car. The air felt crisp and cool, the grass was dewy with teeny tiny icicles….I didn’t even need the A.C at all on my drive in to work! Bliss, I tell you….pure bliss.

I may have felt tired from the night before, but walking outside this morning was enough to energize me for the rest of the day at least the next two hours 🙂 I mean, who am I kidding…I’m gonna need some coffee too! And speaking of coffee, I’ve been loving my mid afternoon iced coffee with a hint of pumpkin spice added from our Starbucks here in the office. It’s got just the right blend of creamy, java goodness, with that KICK of fall to send me sailing into the rest of the work day.

Today’s treasury will hopefully give you the same “kick” into fall that my dear, sweet pumpkin spice does for me. Enjoy!


shops showcased (left to right):











hearts and hugs,


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