there’s something about…BABY!

Before you scream, faint, point and stare, or secretly whisper to your neighbor, “I TOLD you she was a bit on the…risque…side!”….no….this post isn’t about me.

Although I have had many a food baby…..

And sometimes I just AM a raging biatch for no good reason…

Nope, I am not preggers…..but MY SISTER IS!!!!

That’s right, peeps, I am going to be an Aunt Boo in approximately 7 months!!

This is the first grandchild for Bábbo and Nonna Davis (grandparent names…which are still open for discussion), and I know they couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve already declared I will be drinking for two, since obviously Pam won’t be partaking in any more Happy Hours for a while….

I have also started scheming of the immense amount of cuteness I will be buying in the forms of baby clothes, maternity goodies for Pammie, and stretch pants for myself when I get those “sympathy cravings” and decide to eat an entire pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream….because, really….we all know these things just happen!

In all seriousness, though, this is such a blessing in their lives, and mine as well! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day my sister could finally add “mommy” to her list of amazing attributes. I also have no doubt that this child will grow up to be a genius and know multitudes of clever facts (thanks John!). This is one lucky baby 🙂

So, here’s to the happy couple! Let’s toast our virgin Piña Coladas (and my rum-filled one) to my sissy boo Pam and BIL John!

Love you both!

hearts and teeny baby hugs,




  1. Booter,
    Thank you! I LOVE this!! Your enthusiasm makes me so giddy. 🙂 You are going to be the absolute BEST AUNT EVER. No contest.

    • quoting Monica, “I’ve fashioned this gold star out of tin foil, and every time you think i’ve done a good job, feel free to give it to me!” haha

      yea for auntie boo! 🙂 and yea for YOUUUUU! 🙂


  2. Wait a second! Can I be in the running for best Aunt ever too?! Becca boo, it’s on 😉

    So happy for you guys, Pammie! And for you, Aunt Boo!!!! Whoohooo!!! Now, Steve and I have to see if we can get a cousin in the mix. xo

  3. I think a little healthy competition never hurt anything! 😉

    May the true Monica have her colors shine. He he.

    • oh gurrrrl we KNOW who the true monica is! besides…i’m more of a Phoebe anyways 🙂 i’ll buy the baby funky gifts and shower her with songs about cats….

      you can buy the baby it’s first organic cleaning products!! haha 🙂 LOVE IT!

  4. I feel pretty confident that I can be the best “Former Youth Pastor to my Mom” ever to that baby. Anybody want to challenge that? Didn’t think so.

    P.S. So happy for you & John, Pah-meh!

  5. You got it, Brently! Consider the title…YOURS!

  6. Yes, baby organic cleaning products! Children should know how to clean right out of the oven. My inner Monica is laughing in sinister delight…MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Brent, I will not even try to muster up any sort of competitive thread with you. I will be beaten down!!!!!!

    Smelly caaaaat, smelly caaaaaatt. Night night.

  7. aww yaaaay!! Congratulations!!! That’s very exciting!! Just imagine all the Baby shopping ahead! Baby Gap, Baby H&M, Baby Zara, etsy?

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