dear me, love me…

Have you ever read old diaries, journal entries, blog posts, emails, etc. and wish you could go back and give yourself some advice on the situation? Do you remember times when you think, “Oh, if I only knew then what I know now!” C’mon, if you can’t answer YES to any of these questions, then I think you are full of…well, you know. 🙂

My good friend, Lee, and I were discussing over lunch yesterday what we’d say to our 16-year-old selves, and it stuck with me throughout the rest of the day. Now, I’m not one to really dwell in the past. It is what it is…but, if I could write a letter to my former self, here are some thoughts I might bestow on lil’ Boo:

Dear baby boo,

First of all, I want to tell you that I love you! I don’t say it that often, and I’m beginning to realize the effect it has had on you over the years. So I’m saying it now. You are going to constantly have a voice in the back of your head telling you that you could do better, you could BE better…that’s the devil. Seriously. Forget about trying to just get to a certain point. You are great just as you are, NOW.

You know all those friends of yours who are bitchy and rude and only care about material things? Dump them. True friends are the ones who love you in all seasons, look you in the eye when you speak, and really don’t care if you wear sweats or skirts. You’ll probably feel really nervous about speaking your mind, but don’t worry, the friends that mind don’t matter, and the friends that matter don’t mind!

Take time to breath. I know that you feel you have to cram every single hour of your day with activity, but trust me, when you are older, you will cherish that time spent just resting. Yes, honor societies, social clubs, soccer practices, and volunteering are all very important, but you’ll need to learn how to prioritize, and if you don’t start now, you’ll end up later on wishing you could set boundaries and be better organized. People will understand if you just have to say, “No.” It’s not as horrible a word as you think it is. Again, trust me.

Your hair will go through stages of awesome, as well as stages of just plain ridiculous. So will your makeup and clothing. Ride it out. You’ll find your style soon enough, and your love of shopping will increase ten-fold. You may find it a bit tiresome now, but you haven’t quite lived through the gloriousness that is the internet yet…oh baby girl, have you got a treat in store for you!

Your mother and father are not out to get you. They love you…more than you know. You’ll recognize this (sadly) later in life than they would prefer, but nonetheless, you’ll come to view them as friends, and find that they make excellent travel companions. Treat them with respect, and cherish their love. Not every child gets TWO adults in their life who bless them, spoil them, and love them like they do. Seriously…your parents rock my (your) face right off. 🙂

So….that sport you’ve devoted your entire life to? Well, don’t worry, all that hard work will pay off soon enough…but don’t let it define you. Otherwise, when the going gets tough, and you find yourself having to leave the sport you so desperately love, you’ll be left empty and feeling lost. Please don’t ever let yourself get to that point. It’s a horrible feeling, and one I wouldn’t wish on you in a million years. You are so much more than the things you do!

Find a close group of girlfriends that you can “do life” with. Stick with these girls, and bond with them! It’s so important to have a community around you. Also, make friends with boys. This can be tricky at times (helllllooo hormones!), but you’ll learn a lot from them, and one day, you’ll even DATE one of them! 🙂 Get excited, my dear… 🙂

You know that whole “drugs and alcohol” craze that’s going around? Yeah….not worth it. It may make you feel goooood and relaxed, but really, you’ll just lose yourself in it. I don’t want you to wake up one morning regretting the things you did the previous evening…or not even remembering them at all. Again…not worth it. HUGS, NOT DRUGS! 🙂

People may make fun of you for the multitude of entertainment and celebrity facts you hold in your brain, but don’t let it discourage you. They’ll be wanting you on their team EVERY time a game of Trivial Pursuit breaks out. Just you wait.

Study hard, and learn a lot in college. It costs a bundle, and your future scholarships will depend on it! Plus, no matter what, you are going to want to go back to school once you are out. It’s inevitable…so make the most of it while you are there!

Finally, follow your passions. Take time for the things you love, because no one is going to do those things for you. YOU have to make it happen! Keep up the piano playing, the language learning, and the travelling. Keep reading all those biographies on Presidents and Royal families. Keep collecting those mugs and Hello Kitty paraphernalia. Keep wearing ribbons in your hair…and most importantly….KEEP WEARING PINK! Girl, you rock that trend as long as you want. 🙂 Don’t ever rationalize your femininity. And don’t ever lose it!

You are beautiful (please, try to believe it!)


Older Boo

Is there anything you’d say to your former self? Words of advice? Warnings?

hearts and hugs,



  1. There are so many, many things I wish I could tell my younger self. First and foremost: it gets better. You will not always be as you are now so embrace this moment for what it has to give you and then look forward to the next.

    This letter to lil’ boo was so touching! I loved all of it from the Trivial Pursuit skillz to the pink to the hugs not drugs! You are awesome:)

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