friday favorites…

When I think of Fall, some of the first words that come to mind are: PUMPKIN! THANKSGIVING! CIDER! And of course…FESTIVALS!

Now, I don’t shout those words (every time…), but they are exciting! This weekend I’ll get to experience the last word: FESTIVAL! The gang is heading out to the People’s Choice Wine Tasting Classic this Saturday, and I’m very excited to, yet again, indulge the wino in me (or more like appease the wino in me). There will be friends, food, and fabulous fun. I’m sure I will drink too much, say too many inappropriate things, and laugh too loudly. But what is a wine festival with friends without those things happening?

My thoughts exactly.

I’m hoping the weather will stay cool (it was 78 degrees today…I thought God was just messing with us down here….), the wine will be decent, and the conversation will be flowing….

In order to toast the upcoming weekend, today’s treasury is all about VINO!




 Shops showcased (left to right):











hearts and hugs,


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