things i’m lovin…

If I could attribute a color to this week it would be BLOOD ORANGE. Why? Because even though it’s Thursday, and the week’s almost up, I’ve felt (many times this week) like I want to poke my eyes out. Hence, the blood…..too graphic? That’s okay, you’ll get over it in a sec….wait for it…….

See? Happy thoughts!

Works every time.

So, in order to turn that frown upside down, let’s talk about the good things in life, because really, there are so so many.

things I’m lovin’ at the moment:

peanut butter filled pretzel bites: There is something very comforting about the sweet/salty combination….and peanut butter pretzels fit that bill perfectly! We’ve got a massive tub a la Costco sitting in the “snack area” at work, and this week, those babies have come in handy for the times I’ve wanted to gnaw my own hands off…(again, graphic, I know…I apologize…)

Facebook: I’m sure you’re wondering why this week? Well, if you are a friend of mine on the site, just take a look at the massive comment threads I’ve been a part of these past couple of weeks….and then you’ll know why. My friends and I have discussed everything from ponies and Spammie Jarkles to The Princess Bride and Dave Chappelle…all I can say is: EPIC.

Chanel Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum: Ahhhh, my classic scent. My mother bought a bottle to try it out, and after realizing it didn’t work for her, gifted it to me…and I couldn’t be happier! It’s light and sweet, with a hint of glamour….LURVE!

Murad mattifying lotion: My lovely friend Atira introduced me to this, since we both have that oh-so-grand OILY complexion, and let me tell you, I am LOVING it! Now, it doesn’t quite conquer the nasty Texas heat ALL day, but at least I’m not looking like an oil slick come 5 o’clock….It works better the more you use it (TWSS??), so give it a few days to kick in, and then…SHINE BE GONE! I bought mine at Sephora for about 38 buckaroos 🙂

so….what are some things YOU are lovin’ this week??

hearts and hugs,



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