picture spotlight: Segovia, Spain

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a spotlight post, so today I thought I’d revisit the topic, and shine my bedazzled flashlight on Segovia, Spain, a sleepy little city roughly 30 minutes from Madrid by train.

My family and I spent a week in Madrid in the Spring of 2009 and fell in love with everything from the architecture to the jamón (and I rarely eat meat!!). The mediterranean culture is so beautiful: relaxed, passionate, artistic…There is a zest for life that we tend to easily overlook over here in our hectic, work-filled days. Es una vita bonita, for sure.

While Madrid was wonderful, I very much enjoyed our day trip out to Segovia. Too often I feel myself getting caught up in the BIG things when I travel. What I mean is, I go on about seeing the big cities (Paris, Rome, London), or visiting the big monuments (Eiffel Tower, Coloseum, London Bridge)…yet, very rarely do I say, “Hey, why don’t we check out that tiny little speck on the map for our next vacay?” Because, really….who would? If you can’t see it on the map, most likely, you won’t be going there.

(PS: HUGE map fan…seriously…I could look at a map for hours….you may now point and laugh, I fully give you permission…)

So what are we missing out on when we do this?


There is more to this world than Tokyo, Athens, and Vienna. There are the tiny towns that gave birth to world leaders and well known poets. There are the mom and pop shops that have been run by the same family for six generations, producing those wonderfully decadent smelling loaves of bread in that obscure kitchen located off the side of that miniscule street in the desolate hamlet of said tiny town. There are the neighborhoods made up entirely of non name brand department stores, local coffee shops, and outdoor markets. There are the cafes full of well worn patrons, babies in buggies, scruffy looking dogs, and not a single IPhone in sight. There are the churches the size of your living room, lit only by a few scattered candles, and frequented by only a few more worshippers.

These places are smaller, yes, maybe not as flashy….but they are just as beautiful and exciting. The castles might not be as grandiose as Versailles, but their history is just as rich. Many times these are the places that remind me most of the historical Europe. They are well preserved, untouched by modernity, unscathed by the scaffolding and cement of our new age world. I can take a walk down the streets of these small towns and really feel as if I have stepped back in time. Bliss.


  • Capital of Segovia Province
  • Located 30 minutes outside of Madrid
  • 55,000 residents
  • Declared “World Heritage” by UNESCO in 1985 for its religious history as well as the Roman Aquaduct
  • The Aquaduct was built somewhere between the 1st and 2nd century
  • The Segovia Cathedral is the last Gothic cathedral in Spain
  • US sister cities are Tuscon, Arizona and Marysville, Ohio

Now let me give you a small picture of why I loved Segovia….

hearts and hugs,



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