my {under-eye} bags are packed…

You’d think I wouldn’t be tired. I slept in (till 8:30am) BOTH days this weekend, I relaxed with friends last night, I ate good food, I watched movies. I shopped….

I DID run 17 miles and play a soccer game, but those two things are not out of the ordinary…so you’d think I’d be able to bounce back?


I woke up this morning, sat up confused at the darkness of my room, wondered why I was up so early on a Sunday…realized that it WASN’T Sunday, and then proceeded to get up in a sleepy fog, hoping that I made it through the work day without

A) drooling on my keyboard or

B) making an inappropriate joke in my lackadaisical state

Either way….I’ve found that no matter how much sleep I get, Mondays still hurt.

Good thing I’ve got a lunch date and a dinner date with friends to ease the pain!

how do you get through your Moan-days???

hearts and hugs,




  1. haha i bounced out of bed a 6 am as if it was noon Europe time! I am 99% sure that i will be passed out, drooling on my keyboard by 5. I love those someecards, hilarious.

  2. firstpersonshooter says:

    This was the roughest Monday in a long time. I had a sports hangover from the Cowboy meltdown last night. I should’ve gone to bed after the third quarter… I would’ve slept like a baby.

    I’m just going to try and survive the day and then crawl into bed early tonight and be ready for Take-tuesday.

  3. firstpersonshooter says:

    Just wandering around on Youtube and saw this… I can’t help but think that this is something YOU should be doing.

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