the mind is a terrible thing to waste…

The other day, in the midst of a nasty case of writer’s block, I decided to ease the pressure bearing down on my squished mind grapes, and sent out a distress call to my friends over on Facebook. I’m only guessing that the synapses were not firing correctly, or I would have forseen the epic Mad Lib of dialogue that, really, was only inevitable in the company that I keep. What does this say about me? Not sure. However, I AM sure that I was once again reminded that my friends are like those scented permanent markers….they look awesome, they are unique, and they can write pretty well, but when around them too long you just might go crazy….


(Conversation recorded on facebook…)

Me – Bellebottoms needs inspiration!

Ryan – What kind of inspiration are you looking for?

Me – Things to write about!! 🙂

Lee – Me

Chris – Inspiration, not depression Lee.

Lee – Oh, gotcha. sorry.

Me – Well, if i use more “Juanes” inspiration, it can ONLY be awesome…

Lee – Fact. People would pay to read. Can you please start a dialogue about the life and times of a fictional character named Juanes Emmanuel Tores?

Me – Yes, he will be a yak wrangler from Chihuahua, Mexico that went rogue after the great yak dysentary disaster of 1997.

Lee – NO, NOT Mexico. Spain. Spain, Becca.

Me – Sorry. I forgot Juanes is pronounced with the Spanish “lisp”.

Lee – Phonetically, ha-WANNNNNNN-es. As in “I saw Juanes save that lady from a shark yesterday. he never left his horse. He is a man of men. I will bear his children.”.

Me – Was it one of those water horses? Or land sharks? I think I saw it happen…I couldn’t see very well…I had my night vision goggles on again during the day.

Me – I also read that on the back of a Nora Ephron novel…

Lee – I had to google her. It appears we are on the same wavelength. As usual.

Me – Of course. I feel like I need a nickname as well. I mean, besides poodle OF COURSE.

Lee – Are you sure? Going the way of the nickname is a dark and lonely path filled with confusion in social settings. But on the bright side, sometimes you get a horse…so there’s that.

Daniel – In the movie of your life, who would play the key characters?

Me – Lee, you know how many nicknames I already have?? I mean, come on…I can handle it! Besides, I really want a horse, but my horse would have streamers for a man, and would sparkle when the light hit it….

Me – And Daniel, I feel like I’m asking too much for this, but I’m pretty sure I want Sandra Bullock playing me…because she is the bomb dot com 🙂

Lee – hahahaha. Becca, you make me laugh. Let’s be friends.

Daniel – If Sandra Bullock is playing you can I come visit the set then?

Me – Ok Lee, sounds good…we can ride our horses together and slay sharks…and Daniel, only if you promise to bake treats for the crew.

Corey – I support this entire conversation. But why write about Lee? People know Lee. We need some mroe blog posts about Lee like we need a few more phonebooks. Surely there is someone talk, dark and mysterious, someone from a shadowy land (perhaps Arkansas) and with a hint of danger that envelopes him like amist. Sure, he might have a mundane day job (journalism teacher, let’s say), but where does he go when the work day is done? What is it about him that beckons and haunts us simultaneously? I’d totally read about that guy. But I’d probably still read about Lee too.

Me – Is Chuck Norris from Arkansas? I had no idea!

Lee – Well played, [Corey] Hale, well played.

Me – I feel like this whole convo should just be cut and pasted into a blog post….hmmmm…

Lee – Here’s a title, “The adventures of Juanes, the shark slayer, and Chuck “Harmonica” Norris. A memoir.” Start there.

Corey – Should’ve been tall dark and mysterious. But talk and dark just adds to the mystery.

Me – What about, “The adventures of Juanes, the shark slayer, and Chuck “Harmonica” Norris. A memoir” with a forward by Becca “Poodle Mafia” Davis, yak hunter and sparkle pony rider.

Lee – Add brilliant in front of sparkle. It’ll have a double meaning.

Me – Done.

Lee – I would watch a show called “Poodle Mafia”. Where all the poodles walk upright, carry guns, wear 3 piece suits and take care of business. Then again, sounds like every other reality show to me, now that I think of it.

Corey – Oh yeah, now we’re cookin with gas….

Corey – Now I’m visualizing every graphically violent scene in the Godfather movies or Goodfellas, only with poodles.

Me – Can I just say I’ve officially peed my pants after every comment?

And that’s just a typical day on the farm…..

hearts and hugs,




  1. All I can say is…”You crazy fools!” with love.

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