there were never such devoted sisters…

Today is my beautiful sister Pam’s birthday! At the ripe old age of 28, she has already imparted more wisdom and encouragement on me than I feel like I can ever repay. I have looked up to her as my hero, as a source of strength, and as a friend. She’s shown me what it looks like to persevere through even the toughest of situations, and shine through with more class and dignity than ever. She is eloquent, intelligent, and beautiful. In order to honor her today, here are some things that I love about my sister:

I love that you call me booter, and hug me like you mean it…

I love that you cherish our conversations, and listen when I talk…

I love that you call me, despite the fact that I’m not a “phone-talker”

I love that you always call me while you’re driving, so I can hear you yell at other people on the road 🙂

I love that we braved the matching clothing growing up…and that I always got to wear the pink version…

I love that we know the words to ever Newsies song…

I love that we also watch White Christmas together every year, and perform the “Sisters” song together….

I love that you are a cancer survivor…

I love that you love children, because it has made my appreciation grow as well…

I love that we share Pine Cove and Sonic in our “work history”

I love that you married John


I love that you pioneered the “Pammie Face”…and that I followed with the “Becca face”

I love that you let me put my arms on top when we hug 🙂

I love that you always buy me jewelry from funky places, and it’s always different from what I already have…

I love that you don’t take crap from me…or anyone, really…

I love that you like to run

I love that you love to travel

I love that we wear matching Christmas headbands during the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot each year

and most of all….

I just really love that you are my sissy…

Pammie Lambie, Tippecanoe, Spammie, tooter scooter….






  1. I love this entire post! I love that both of you are my sisters! I love the fact that I’m now thinking of ways to come up with a Mish Face! 🙂

    • thanks mishy! and I think you have a Mish face already! it’s the one where you squint your eyes closed and smile really big….usually when you’re giving someone a big SQUEEEEEEEEZE!! 🙂

      love it!

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