friday favorites…

Labor day weekend is HERE!

I’m pumped. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this three-day weekend since the last one we had….on Memorial Day.

So…plans for the weekend?

Mine include:

  • enjoying MUCH anticipated time with the sis and BIL
  • drinking copious amounts of frilly drinks with previously mentioned sis
  • playing softball for the first time in years on Saturday morning
  • making a fool of myself during previously mentioned softball game
  • shopping
  • movies
  • more shopping
  • dining at Mi Piaci…a gorgeously delish Italian restaurant for sis’s bday
  • party at a park on Monday…where I will inevitably get too much sun, sweat a lot, and have a blast in the process

So, as you can see, I have lots planned, which is no surprise to me seeing as how I’ve been one busy bee these past few months. I’m excited, though, because time with family is always precious and it is a guaranteed blast, no matter WHAT we are doing!

To pay tribute to labor day, today’s treasury is all about the PAR-TAY! It’s random, it’s wild, and sometimes it makes you stop and go…huh? What’s happening here?



shops showcased (from left to right):











hearts and hugs,



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