things to do while stuck in traffic…or when you’re just bored.

This past Saturday, driving home around 6:30pm, I got to witness the shutting down of 1-35 during prime Saturday night cruising hours. While I secretly mocked (okay, that was a lie….I cackled out loud) the other drivers’ pain for getting stuck in what was inevitably hours of standstill gridlock, I couldn’t help but wonder what I would have done if it were ME sitting in the 100 + degree heat on a Saturday night…..

1. sing…..duh. You know I was a pop star in another life? I mean, if you subtract the crazy meltdowns, slutty costumes, and lyrics that brand me as anyone’s “teenage dream”.

2. come up with dance moves for “DANCE WALK 2000!” It’s the perfect opportunity to create a new intro for what is of course going to be a runaway hit.

3. pretend that you’re choking….and see how long it takes for your fellow gridlock buddies to get out of their cars and help you. I’m picturing a scene out of Sandlot…but instead of a pool, it’s a highway. And instead of a very attractive female lifeguard it’s a very hot rugged businessman. And instead of a skinny little pre-pubescent kid with glasses, it’s…well…

4. learn a language…I’ve got cd’s for practicing my Italian stashed in the glove compartment of my car, just waiting to come out and aiutami! Highway cruising just isn’t the same when the speakers are blasting buongiorno instead of Bon Jovi…but when you’ve got nothing else to do? Well, you might as well learn something!

5. flirt with your gridlock groupies….I mean, unless the person in the car next to you is a hard of hearing octogenarian (and then, they really shouldn’t be driving!), why not find out something about the person next to you? You never know what kind of “six degrees of separation” connection you could make! So, roll down that window, paste on that smile, and start networking!

6. Update your electronics…In this day and age, it’s not surprising to see a person juggling a blackberry, Iphone, laptop, Ipad, and pager (some things are hard to let go of…) all at the same time. Why not take the time to update your accessories? Get some new apps, run those virus scans and maybe even clear your inbox while you wait!

7. Say your ABC’s backwards…or in Spanish….not sure why this is important. Perhaps it’ll come in handy as a party trick later on in life?

8. Try parting your hair a different way. Or do some wicked awesome cornrows….because nothing says “Traffic ain’t got nothin on me!” like a nice, clean set of braids….

Got any other fab ideas for beating the traffic blues??

hearts and hugs,



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