am I being punked?

Okay, I’m browsing on one of my favorite online shops…just perusing the merchandise (said with a Newsie’s accent), when I stumble across the following (highlighted in red in case you are having a bad eyesight day….or are not a fellow shopaholic…)

 So….seriously…is this my lucky day? Or is this just one of those little “glitches” that happens every now and again on major shopping websites…? Because if it’s the first one, I’m pretty sure I’m “buying” this dress…..and sending one to all my favorite people.


hearts and happy Friday hugs,




  1. so.. i stumbled upon your blog for the first time today and read the most recent post… newsies is my FAVORITE movie. i’ll take this as a sign to frequent your blog : )

  2. chariander says:

    And I thought I was the only grown adult woman who still LOVES Newsies! Hahah, love it! And I hope the dress really was free:)

  3. Wait did that really happen? Or did they email you back saying sorry but it was a glitch and they want their $50? That dress is so cute!

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