my fantasy draft: dinner party style…

The other day I was sitting on the floor in my living room (since I have no couch yet) cutting the tags off my newly purchased place-mats and table runner from TJ Maxx Home Goods, when I paused for a second to take a look at my beautifully clean yet very vacant dining table. I thought, “I’ve had this table since college, yet it has not had the privilege of playing hostess (my table is a girl..btw) to nary a houseguest. And yes, I said nary…because in my household we also speak in a British accent and wear aprons to make cereal for breakfast. It’s proper, it’s cute….and I like it.

So there I was, clipping the tags, tidy-ing up the flat and throwing the rubbish in the bin (I told you…it’s British all the way!), when I started to think about actually HAVING a dinner party and utilizing that previously mentioned table.

And then I thought about the clean up process.

And the fact that I only have one pot (sans lid).

And more wine glasses than plates.

So I quickly switched tactics and focused on instead coming up with who would come to my fantasy dinner party. You know, the one where everything you cook turns out miraculously JUST like the picture, your clothes stay perfectly neat and crisp, and there is a never-ending supply of wine and cake? Oh, and since this is Britain, we have a butler named Hobson.


In my fantasy dinner party, the table settings would be a mixed materials combination of bold colors, bright metallics, and sparkly accents. Since I absolutely love decorating with florals, I would have bouquets of flowers parading down the middle of the table, like a colorful median on a brightly lit street. Lighting would come from a handful of votives placed strategically around the room, highlighted by strands of twinkle lights draped from the rafters (oh, and my house is amazing in this fantasy too btw…). A combination of soft jazz and folk-sy blues music would encompass the room, offering a steady beat for the guests to bob their heads to whilst engaging in what is only going to be the most rewarding, thought-provoking, delightful conversation spurred on by the occasional sips from shimmering glasses of prosecco.

The menu would OF COURSE be a Mediterranean theme, peppering in some of my love for Middle Eastern food as well. I’m thinking fish as the main entrée and something sweet, creamy, yet with a hint of spice for dessert….

But enough about the food….let’s talk about the guests!

I’ve never really put much thought into this before, since I normally don’t agree to host many dinner shindigs…(see the above bolded reasons if you are still wondering why…) But now, upon writing this, and knowing that it’s a fantasy (and thus clean-up free), I’ve started to put some more effort into my guest list. So….who would I invite? And why?

1. Audrey Hepburn – I mean, it’s only natural to invite the woman whose clothing style, grace, elegance, HAIR, and charming wit I envy adore so much. I’m sure she’d offer just the right amount of je ne sais quoi to the group, regaling us with tales from the sets of her films with many great actors of her time.

2. Cary Grant – I’d not only invite him due to his acting ability, but also for the fact that I know he’d live up to the dress code standards. The guy can rock a suit better than Shaq can dunk a basketball. No question. Plus, he’s handsome, eloquent, and could tag team with Audrey during story hour.

3. Corrie Ten Boom – I have a deep fascination with the World War eras, not only for the fashion, action and cultural references, but also for the amazing stories of bravery, triumph, and heartache. Corrie Ten Boom encompasses all of that, and more. I’m 100% sure I would be brought to tears listening to her recount her life during the great wars, but I’m also 100% sure I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

4. Steve Carell – He’s hilarious, he’s down to earth, and sometimes….he’s MICHAEL SCARN! Secret Agent! Every party needs someone to liven up the room, and I’m sure he’d have no trouble doing just that! Plus, unlike Will Ferrell, I know he won’t strip naked and go streaking through my kitchen.

5. George Washington – As the first President of our fifty nifty, I’m sure he would have some amazing insight as to how this grand ol’ country came to be. As a self-proclaimed history nut, I would love to pick his brain on how our fore fathers REALLY acted and what troubles and turmoil it took to create a nation. Plus, I hear he had wooden teeth…and that’s just cool.

6. Sean Connery – Let’s be real. The only reason he is coming is to say things like, “That’s the way your mother likes it…” and “I’ll take SWORDS for 500, Trebek”. Other than that, I’m sure he’ll find a way to either antagonize or seduce the other guests with his thick, manly brogue. 🙂

7. Michelle Akers – Star midfielder for the US women’s soccer team back in the day, she won me over with her ferocity on the field, her heart on and OFF the field, and the fact that she kicked butt and took names despite dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She was an inspiration to me growing up, and I’d love to hear what it was like playing in the World Cup!

8. Any one of the muppets from Muppets Tonight – Seriously. I’ll take whoever I can get. If I can say a muppet came to my house, I’ll be the coolest girl on the block. 🙂

Okay, I could go on and on here, but then this dinner party would get a little out of hand….and I’m sure Hobson doesn’t want to have a huge mess on his hands when it comes time to clean up! 🙂

So who would YOU invite?? Have you ever thought about your fantasy dinner party?

hearts and hugs,




  1. It’s a good question, and like a lot of these kinds of things, my answer would probably be different depending on the week.
    But for today, I’d go with singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley, blues pioneer Robert Johnson, Tennessee Statesman/Texas Freedom Fighter David Crockett, former president and all-around man’s man Theodore Roosevelt, literary hero Ernest “Papa” Hemingway, photographic visionary Ansel Adams and wrap things up with my two favorite film directors, Cameron Crowe and Wes Anderson.
    I know it’s a total sausage fest, but today is a day for getting down to the brass tacks and the heart of men. Dinner would include a variety of rare and medium rare beef paired with a variety of rare and medium rare bourbons.

    • like it! and you know, beef and bourbon would actually make a really cool party theme….i’m thinking lots of browns/blacks/tans…very smooth, very modern, yet with a hint of country “swagger” to it…..


  1. […] my fantasy draft: dinner party style […]

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