if you could…would you?

I’m a dreamer. Always have been, always will be. I blame my wild imagination on the years of LEAP (Learning Enrichment Advancement Program), my childhood shenanigans, and, of course, my parents. Even amidst all the dream squelchers and pessimists I’ve come across, I’ve managed to keep this side of me alive and kicking for quite some time. One of my favorite games I play is “If I had a million dollars…” You know the one that’s great for road trips, airport delays, and those really awkward dinner parties your significant other drags you to in order to look good for his boss. Another fun game? “Would you rather”….Ahhh, the game that can quickly turn dirty (in both forms of the word). Would you rather have snot dripping from your nose constantly, or never stop foaming at the mouth?

Don’t worry, I won’t ask a dirty one 😉

Today, I’d like to play, “If you could, would you?”

The rules are simple. I ask the questions, you answer them. Easy Peasy?


If you could go back and change something in your life….would you?

If you could only eat ONE food for the rest of your life…would you?

If you could go on a “trip of a lifetime” around the world, but would have to quit your job to do it….would you?

If you could be a billionaire, but only live for 10 more years…would you?

If you could have the ability to read people’s minds…would you?

If you could steal something knowing you wouldn’t get caught…would you?

If you could know when the “End of the World” was…would you want to?

and a more lighthearted one….

if you could stop reading this post at any time….would you? 😉

thought so.

hearts and hugs,



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