weekends are for (food) lovers…

hey there! I hope you had a great time reading about Lorraine’s summer-time memories…I know that there were a few in there verrrrry similar to my own past summers!

Reminiscing is always fun. I love to think about past experiences and trips, relishing in the good moments and trying to learn from the bad. Now, I don’t advocate getting stuck in the past, dwelling on bad decisions or rotten occurences, but I DO love keeping the good occasions around, letting them pad my conscience like a trusty blanket, easing the fall of tough times when they happen to land.

Let’s move on, though, and talk about the future! specifically…the weekend 🙂

I have lots planned, and in true Becca form, most of it involves food…and this time, I’m actually going to PREPARE some of it! (cue horror music cutting to someone opening up an oven where shoes fall out…)

So, Friday night, the gang is taking part in the yearly Restaurant Week….A week where high quality, 5-star restaurants band together to feed all the cheapies and foodies a prix fixe menu of gourmet goodies. Our group decided upon III Forks, a fabulous steakhouse that I have YET to frequent, mostly because it’s a steakhouse (I prefer less meaty fare), and mostly because it’s DANG expensive for just a normal night (I prefer free…:)). However, this Friday night, the cost will be a very reasonable $35 dollars a person. Sold.

Check out the menu….I think I’ll get the salmon??

Saturday morning, after waking up from what is sure to be a food/wine/laughter/inappropriate comment hangover, a smaller group of us will be gathering to make/eat/enjoy breakfast. We have dubbed ourselves, very originally, the Breakfast Club…ha. It was either that or “People who get up early enough to actually eat during the normal breakfast hours on a Saturday morning”. And that just doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as nice.

Since none of us make enough money to hire Giada or Ina to come and prepare a gorgeous spread (Emeril’s not invited…are you kidding me? Hearing BAM! that early in the morning would be enough to make me go all Norman Bates on his patootie), we are combining our culinary “talents” and pitching in to create our feast. Since I’m pretty much one of the only ones who prefers foods like tofu over teriyaki chicken, for MY contribution I wanted to show the rest of the group that healthy foods ARE great tasting, along with being wonderfully nutritious.

Yesterday I scoured some of my favorite vegan food blogs to find some ideas, and have come up with the following:

Rustic Chocolate Chip banana oat cake with PB Banana Glaze Oh She Glows (this is probably the winner)

Triple Berry Crisp Oh She Glows

Blueberry Greek Yogurt Banana Bread Daily Garnish

Now all I need is the ingredients, some courage, and my Anthropologie apron. I’m hoping that will be enough to push this scared little bambina out of the cooking minors and into the big leagues…

My ancestors are rolling in their graves.

Let the magic begin!

hearts and hugs,



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