20 something bloggers: blog swap

hello there! Guess what? I have a special treat for you today! Thanks to the awesome community I’m a part of over at 20-something bloggers, I’ve been given the opportunity to take part in the 2011 blog swap.

What is it, you might ask? Well, each blogger is swapping sites for the day, and posting on their “partner’s” blogs! So today I’ll be moonlighting over at the fabulous blog, The Late Party Girls, while Lorraine entertains us over here with tales from her summer! So, after you check her out, head over to her site to catch a recap from my own travels.



Hi everyone, I’m Lorraine from Late to the Party and Childhood Trauma.

I have the honor of posting on belle bottoms, home to the lovely Becca, thanks to 20sb’s blog swap. Basically this means that you can find Becca on my blog today and here I am on hers, freaking out just a little, because this blog is lovely and dainty and well versed in fashion. I often spend a lot of time talking about how I enjoy being pantsless, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the same thing. 

I hope I do her blog justice, especially because I’m in love with her haircut. Not in a creepy way, though. Promise. 

So, again, what brought Becca and I together was the blog swap, and the topic at hand is “summer.”

There’s only one thing I think of when it comes to summer, really, and it is a memory past. Some people relate summer to a weather change, but I live in south Florida. 


That was back in February when almost everyone else in the US was suffering through a Snowpocalypse. These past few months have been a little wetter, but as I typed this at my job (don’t tell my boss!) looking out the window, it’s blindingly bright right now. My handy app tells me that it’s a gross 90 degrees out there. Seasons don’t mean much in Florida. We have hot, uh, hotter, not so hot and wet. Summer just melts into all of that. 

Naturally, when summer is mentioned, my brain doesn’t jump to the often available beach or the often seen sun. My brain reaches back through memories to summer break. 

There is no one specific memory here. “Summer break” seems to have been filed away in one space in my memory, a haze of contented laziness. A mash-up of specific things I remember, from no particular year or age, but all from summer. 

Staying up late, sitting in my older sister’s dark room, watching the “Mama’s Family” or “The Keenan Ivory Waynes Show.” My mother often poked her head in around 11pm to ask when we would be going to sleep. “Not too late,” was often the answer, but the truth was that the later the better. 

Sleeping in as late as we could during the week days, comparing wake up times with school friends. “I woke up at noon today!” “Really? I woke up at 1:30.”

Eating a bowl of cereal every day, no matter what time it was. Some days we got fancy, and experimented with pancakes and eggs. 

My mother’s daily call, where she asked to speak to my older sister first, then my younger sister, then me, just to make sure we hadn’t killed each other.

On the off occasion when I woke up early, watching back to back episodes of “Full House” or “Dawson’s Creek” on TBS. 

Catching up on “Days of our Lives,” and being able to, since soap operas move at a snail’s pace. 

Finally changing out of my pajamas at 2:45pm, because my mom got home at 3pm. 

Noticing how time seemed rushed; how two months of summer break was over in a flash, while the next 10 months of school would last a lifetime. 

Summer hasn’t been the same since then. Not that I would trade being back int school for a summer break for one second, but it makes me a little nostalgic for days when your biggest worry was what to watch on TV and whether or not you could con your dad into taking you for ice cream after a trip to the public library. 

Tomorrow I leave for Chicago. It’ll be my first vacation during the summer in a long, long time. I plan on savoring it. I plan on sleeping in at least once, for as long as I can, just for old time’s sake.


remember…check out Lorraine over at Late To the Party!

hearts and hugs,




  1. I have been eating cereal a lot lately….not sure if it’s the summer time laziness coming out in me, or the fact that cereal is just so darn good…and I’m a grown up…I can do what I want 🙂 haha


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