Today is Monday, and I already yearn for the weekend…

I poured a bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning…spilled a third of it…and then scooped it up from the floor and put it back in my bowl…waste not want not, people!!

I’ve had the “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO stuck in my head for the past day and a half…I’m now googling “brain transplants”…I want a new one. STAT.

Peanut butter eaten straight out of the jar tastes so much better…

When you live by yourself, it’s okay to not make it to your bed and just sleep on the living room floor…

It’s also okay to buy yourself flowers….and a card…

I get excited by the color red because it means SALE 🙂

I finally wore my Anthropologie apron…I wasn’t cooking though. Instead, I was making a rap video about cooking…

have anything to confess today? It may help to ease the pressure of the MOAN-DAYS 😦

hearts and hugs,



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