friday favorites…

I love prints. I also love patterns. And no, I’m not just pointing at things and saying I love them

One of my favorite ways to decorate (or dress) is to take a solid color as the main feature and play it up with lots of little accent prints and colors. Right now, in my living room, I’ve got stacks of frames, photos, print art, etc. that are waiting to be hung up around my new casa.

Today’s treasury is dedicated to the print lovers, the word fiends, the pattern passionate. In the span of creating this I’ve already added quite a few things to my shopping cart…

so perhaps this was a bad idea? Not sure…you decide 🙂


 shops showcased (left to right):











happy shopping!

hearts and hugs,




  1. I can not buy any more pillows. Why are they so darn fun and cute?

    • I have a feeling you are going to be that girl who has 25 throw pillows on her bed because she just can’t stop finding cute ones to purchase!! haha….at least your house will be cosy!! 😉

      • haha it’s so hard to pick a few and they look so pretty, but I take them all off before I go to bed… kinda like on “Along came polly” have u ever seen that movie, where he calculates how much time a year is spent putting pillows on and off? haha oh mann that’s me

    • omg i was JUST thinking that!!!!

      yeah, i was at target the other day, and definitely put in 3 pillows into my cart…walked around the store with them, and then was like, “really becca? really??” and then i put them back….haha

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