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I consider myself to be a pretty adventurous dresser. I like to try new things, and can usually find a way to merge some of the major trends into my own style. Even when I went through my t-shirts and sweatpants phase of 2005 (Lord, help me), I still managed to put my own spin on it by creating some of my own shirts and wearing funky, colorful sweats. I was a sure case for Stacey and Clinton, but at least I was adventurous! There ARE some pieces, however, that I have yet to face head on (or neck on, shoulder on, leg on….you get the idea :)).

Here are some styles that just miss the store known as Becca’s Closet:

the denim romper – Now, I own a few rompers, so I’m not totally opposed to this look. However, the denim adds a certain….WOAH factor that I haven’t been able to get past. I feel like this look only works on girls with no curves…and baby girl has GOT SOME HIPS! I’m slightly afraid of looking more “farm girl” than fashion girl….

socks with flats – Thanks to genetics and decades of playing competitive soccer, I’ve got a nice…sturdy…set of gams 🙂 Yes, I may be on the taller side for a girl (5’7″), but even so, adding socks underneath my flats (which, by the way, I hardly wear thanks to that soccer thigh complex) only accentuates the fact that my upper body is longer than my lower half. I’ve done this look with heels, only because the heel adds a bit of height. Without it, I end up looking a little squat…and no girls wants that adjective added to ANY outfit description!!

khaki pants – I know, I know, it sounds so weird. I mean, who doesn’t like khaki pants? Me…that’s who. Now, unless those khakis are wide legged, paper bag high-waisted pants with a wide cuff, I most likely will never put on a pair. For some reason I’ve never fancied the style, and the only memories I have of wearing them are when I had to do a band performance in middle school, and my top consisted of an oversized ill-fitting polo shirt. Okay…NOW I’m remembering why I don’t like them….

i MIGHT wear these…

cropped tees – I haven’t quite jumped on this bandwagon for two reasons: One, as previously mentioned, I have a very long torso, and this style cuts that right in half, and two, I’d only be able to wear it when I’m not experiencing any type of stomach bloat, because we all know that pregnant bellies are okay to show, but food bellies should probably stay hidden. 🙂 Now, even though I have items of clothing I wear only once in a blue moon (hey pink ruffle shoes that are too tight but too fabulous!), I try to stay away from making purchases that can only be worn in limited occasions.

honorable mentions:

  • skinny high-waisted jeans
  • capri pants
  • neon plastic jewelry (unless it’s a costume party!)
  • bedazzled t-shirts

Have any fashion statements you don’t have the guts (or stomach) to try??

hearts and hugs,




  1. clogs. i just can NOT Jump on that bandwagon.. OR colored bras under white/sheer t-shirts…. i do not understand!

  2. oooh I also hate khakis!!! ugh terrible, yes i was in band too. And along with that polo shirts. I know they go in and out of style, so I’ve been known to wear them a lot in the past (not to mention for 12 years of catholic schools) but I just can’t get myself to put one on these days. We had a team photo at work where we all got matching polos and I was the only one that didn’t come in wearing it… it was black and I dont have any khakis to wear it with (for obvious reasons) and it just looked stupid with dress pants so I gave up and hoped my job wouldn’t be on the line… it wasn’t 😉
    Another thing: overalls and anything made of velvety material. I know they’re both coming back but they just bring me back to middle school and nothing about that and my style was good and something I’d like to relive now.

    • bahahaha! i just picture you walking in with your nice, regular outfit, and everyone else stares at you with these expressions like, “why didn’t WE do that??”

      yeah, velvet and I don’t go well together either…or satin! I don’t know why but it just doesn’t look good on me!! 😦

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