things i’m lovin’…

Slowly, yet surely, I’ve tried to make changes in my life. Whether it be through diet (eat more protein!), lifestyle (go to bed earlier!), clothing style (wear more blue!) or just in my thought processes, I feel as if I’ve begun my New Year’s resolutions ahead of time…or perhaps I’m extremely late. I guess this is a glass half full/empty situation…and in that case, I’m going to go with my NEW way of thinking, and say, “GLASS HALF FULL!” 🙂

Care to know a few of the (literal) by-products of these changes?

Benefit Makeup “erase paste” – Holy concealer, Batman! After much overuse of the same ol’ tired makeup products, I finally bit the lipstick shaped bullet and skipped on over to Sephora to pick up a few new beauty products. 20 minutes and 120 dollars later (see? I can shop quickly AND still spend money!!) I walked out of there with some amazing finds. One product, my Erase Paste by Benefit, has seriously changed my life. It’s great for covering up everything from under eye darkness to those pesky hormonal spots that pop up in 115 degree heat during a stressful moving situation….yeah…still a little bitter about that one. I also snagged a few other products from Benefit’s line, like the Benetint rouge and the Ooh la la under eye brightener. Now, I’m feeling pretty…oh so pretty. Lurve.

Ultimate frisbee – Leave it to me to change from discussing makeup to highlighting a contact sport, right? Well, during the summer months, my wonderful group of friends and I head on over to Andy Brown Park on Tuesday nights for a rousing game of ultimate frisbee. Talk about a workout! The constant shifting, starting, stopping, and sprinting leaves me breathless by the end….and I LOVE it! Frisbee is a great way to keep in shape and have a blast. Granted, there is a certain level of skill involved, but if you can run, and if you aren’t afraid of small objects flying at your face, you’ll be alright! 🙂

Happy hour – The name alone should only breed warm fuzzy feelings, am I right? From your local pub to your favorite Sonic Drive-In, happy hours are some of the best ways to socialize, eat and drink for cheap, and, the most important one of all….provide you with an excuse to drink before dinner. In my “new way of being”, I have loosened up the schedule to accommodate more social gatherings at work, allowing myself a chance to network…and if cheap wine is involved…so be it 😉

Words with Friends – Granted, this Iphone app is far from new, but I only recently jumped on the technologically savvy train and “purchased” this free app for my phone. My family are scrabble NUTS, and with all the studies on preventing Alzheimer’s with word games, I figured it was only benefitting me to spend the majority of my free time making words out of Q, A, and T…..So far, I’ve got about 5 games going at once, and can I say, every time I hear that “ding” on my phone, signalling my turn, I get a little excited? Not TOO excited, of course, but excited nonetheless!

So, what are some things YOU are lovin’ these days?

hearts and happy hour hugs,




  1. Yaaay I like this more positive outlook today 🙂 I was just thinking this morning how I need to get off the concealer in a tube train. I love bareminerals and have invested in some nice brushes for powders, eyeliners, and foundation but not yet concealer! And the reason i suddenly feel the need is because I got the gift of suddenly more noticeable dark undereye circles for my 27th birthday this year. I like the idea of a concealer and eye brightener. I’m glad you like that erase paste (i like the name too) do u like the undereye brightener too?

    • haha yea positivity! actually, i’m really a positive person, just sometimes I get in a funk…you know??

      and as far as the dark under eye circles…oh girl…they are coming fast and furious over here! I like the brightener a lot, it’s very light, and it really does brighten them up! i put it on underneath the under eye concealer (i also use a revlon under eye concealer)….

  2. Your brother in law says:

    Words with Friends was conceived in McKinney, Texas. There was a group of ex-microsoft game developers up there with a company called New Toy. It was sold a couple years ago to a foreign company, but still. Cool huh?
    I await your word challenges.

  3. baby girl! what’s your username?! mine’s ilivetocreate for wwf. 🙂

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