let’s (un)pimp my ride…

Remember back in the day when it seemed that a majority of high school students drove around with giant fuzzy dice in their rearview mirror? You know, these bad boys:

Some of the more “fashionable” girls (and I use that term very loosely based on the topic at hand) would get the pink ones, or…better yet….ZEBRA print! I’m not sure why we thought driving with giant balls (TWSS) in our mirrors made us look cooler. If anything, it was a hazard to our safety, since upon making turns or braking suddenly, the dice would swing all over the place. Other items of decoration that were popular in my area were the Hawaiian car seat covers:

Since Dallas is landlocked, and HOURS from any beach, I suppose putting these in our cars was more of a way to stand out from the rest of our city/suburban peers. We were cool, we were RAD…and we looked beachin’. 🙂 There really seems to be no other explanation…

(SIDE NOTE: my room decoration in middle school was one big hula theme…seriously, my window valance looked like the rooftop of a tiki hut, complete with the fake flowers and bamboo railing…I also had floral print pillows and bamboo and grass place mats for my dresser and desk….oh dear.)

Upon graduating from high school, kids would then string their tassels from their mirror, a banner of freedom, letting the rest of the world know that they had made it, they were finally on their way to becoming an adult. I was one of these, proudly displaying my graduation from Edward S. Marcus High School in the form of a black and red tassel. 

(SIDE NOTE: Edward S. is the brother of Neiman…which is why I think my love of shopping came at such a young age…just sayin’)

Nowadays, bumper stickers, metallic school emblems and flags (oh, yes, I said flags) emblazon people’s rides. Personally, I feel like the more “stuff” you have on your car, the tackier it looks…unless you’re this guy who lived down the street from me in Italy:

Now that is just plain awesome 🙂

My car style is much different from my clothing style. I like my cars neat, tidy, and simple, yet my clothing says something MUCH different (HELLLO gaudy costume jewelry!).

This is why these will never appear on my next ride:

car eyelashes courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Case closed.

hearts and hugs,




  1. I totally agree. I like my car clean, tidy, and clutter free. But those eye lashes are soooo stinkin cute!!

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