who knew you used these muscles?

I woke up this morning with a bad case of bed head. Combined with aching muscles and a stiff back, you would have thought I’d just pulled an all-nighter in an underground disco in the middle of an abandoned warehouse park in Newark.

Sadly, there were no glow sticks, no guys named Rita Gayworth, and no new tattoos…just a couple of bruises, some blisters, and an ache in both of my forearms from lifting heavy boxes all day Saturday. BUT, the moving is done, I’m out of the old place, and in to the new! Now all that’s left to do is:

  • unpack remaining boxes
  • figure out where OH WHERE I’m going to put all my shoes
  • do a few massive amounts of laundry
  • grocery shop
  • throw away boxes from move
  • figure out how to get some living room furniture

Yes, that last point is sad, but true. I was going to borrow a couch from my old roommate Erin, but upon trying to fit it in the new place this weekend, we quickly realized that it was a definite NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

So, down went the couch, and empty stayed my living room! I HAVE, however, situated a couple of extra kitchen table chairs in the corner, which rounds out my living room attire to two chairs, a ficus tree, a coffee table and a bookcase. Steller.

I feel like it will take a little while to get situated, as the storage spaces are different than my old place, so figuring out where things go is going to be a challenge. However, I’m glad to be done moving…for the time being….:)

My brain is scattered, and my inbox is full, so I will be back to my witty old self tomorrow….till then, love you all!!

hearts and hurting arm hugs,




  1. it sounds like you need some IKEA therapy. perfect for inspiring organization, adding accents, as well as some cheap, temporary, yet modern furniture too! be sure to post some new place pictures at some point when you are settled 🙂

    • oooh I think you are right!! IKEA is right across the highway from my office, so maybe after work one day….hmmmm….because we all know a lunch break won’t cut it!! haha

      and i will FOR SURE post pics! right now, the place looks like a college apt…all cluttered and mismatched (and not in a good way!!) 🙂

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