some hair-raising photo memories…

As I was going through my picture library the other day, I came across some old photos from when my hair was growing out back in college, and couldn’t help but laugh at how different I looked! At its longest, my hair was almost halfway down my back, and for the past three or four years, it’s been in a pixie cut (now growing out to a short bob!). I can’t WAIT to have it long again, and have fun braiding, up-doing, twisting, and pony-tailing (hmmm…that’s not a word…) to my heart’s content 🙂

Either way, until it grows…here are a few pics to remember the good ol’ days!

me and my lil at semi-formal

semi-formal fun!

sorority concert

rockin' the dark hair

soccer girls at the football game

me and my teammate kristie

Have you ever had a crazy hair cut? How long has your hair ever grown?

hearts and hair pinned hugs,



  1. Is it because I went to an SEC school that I couldn’t really focus on the hair because I was upset about the injustice of where they apparently put the student section at Arkansas football games?

  2. wow you are lucky you can pull off both short and long hair so well!! I always want short hair but the few times I’ve cut it i’ve really regretted it and felt like i looked like a soccer mom. So i will wait to cut my hair until I am a soccer mom. You, on the other hand, can totaly pull of both effortlessly!

    • yea thanks!! I love the soccer mom comment 🙂 so funny! and you should do one of those programs online where you can see what types of haircuts look good on you…you know, where you upload a pic and then play around with different hair styles or colors? I know instyle mag online has an app….

      either way…i have a feeling you’re going to be a super cute soccer mom…short hair, mini-van…perhaps a pair of keds so your feet are always comfortable?? (wait…i already own two pairs!! haha)…..

      • I’ve totally played with that In Style hair app, but more of as a joke than seriously considering. The hair always looks so awkward too, i must not choose right photos for it. I should try that again, there’s an iphone app for it now isn’t there?
        I can totally start being a soccer mom early if those keds have glitter on them… i’m crushing on a pair, I might love them more than Toms. Still haven’t gotten those yet…

    • yeah, the hair can look a little….weird…for lack of better word! but it sort of gives you an idea! and I’m pretty sure theres an app for it now….

      glitter keds? um…YES PLEASE! yeah, i haven’t bought my toms yet either…we’re slacking on our soccer mom duties!! haha

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