quick! before it’s gone…

In Texas, summer weather may stick around longer than the real season, but in reality, the summer sun and fun checks out at the start of September…which means we have ONE month left! This is a bittersweet moment for me. On the one hand, I absolutely ADORE fall, and am anxiously awaiting its arrival (and the arrival of cooler weather! hellllo 110 degrees today!)! However, I love the pool parties, bbqs, summer vacations, and more that come with this time of year.

Now, since we have one month left, here are some things that I would love to be able to squeeze in before I’m packing up the swimsuits in favor of sweaters:

1. Eat about 5 more sno-cones (this is approximate, as sno-cones are deadly addictive, and the number could sky-rocket)

2. Host another pool party (the first two I had were great successes!)

3. Go for an early morning run…before it starts to get chilly!

4. Hit up the Saturday morning farmer’s markets

5. Go on a date (seriously…summer time downtown dates are the BEST! well, behind fall downtown dates…)

6. Concoct a healthy, fab-u-LOUS tasting cocktail (I’m thinking something with mango…)

7. Wear my light blue strapless dress with cherries…this baby just SCREAMS 1950’s summer fun!

8. Take a mini-road trip (out and back in a day…outlet mall? weird restaurant in the middle of nowhere? Doesn’t matter!)

9. Figure out how to keep my hair from looking like a mullet (harder than it sounds, people!)

10. Finish watching all of Will and Grace!

SO….what are YOUR plans for the end of summer??

hearts and hugs,




  1. Great list! Can you believe it’s August?!? Weird. Finish watching all of Will & Grace is a funny one! it’s definitely one that can totally overlap into fall though… so don’t beat yourself if you don’t reach your goal 😉

    • haha well I’m about to start season 6, so I have a feeling this is very doable!

      and I can’t believe it’s August! I think because I was gone so much this summer just FLEW!

      oh, and the heat index is 115 today….

      fall better come quickly!

  2. WAIT! Is that the light blue dress with cherries that you had in HIGH SCHOOL?

    Just checking.

    Also, my plan before summer is over is to sweat as much as possible during my 7 PM runs just to enjoy the fact that that’s RIDICULOUS. Also, find good sno cone joints in Austin and go to the farmers markets. Oh yes, and at least one more evening, outdoor, free movie. Hmmm…and a baseball game. At least 5 more hours of complaining about the heat. Oh, and painting my toes another crazy shade just because. And date night. Maybe an evening walk. A weekend spent outside with friends? A trip to the hill country winery to enjoy a cool white. A nap by the pool. And another sno cone? Oh geez, can I please have more summer???

    • Pammie, yes, it IS the same dress from HS…but it still fits!! LURVE.

      and I like all your activities…except I feel like you need more hours devoted to complaining about the heat…after all…it IS like 110 degrees out…that is just plain ridic….

      oh, and be careful with your nap by your pool, in case you fall in 🙂

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