look at us now: poodle-icious

Yes, that title is a mouthful, and no it doesn’t quite make sense…until I explain.

This weekend my beautiful friend Lyndsey and I had a little “girl time”. I swear, we are sisters from another mister (sorry…the brother from another mother didn’t quite work…)! Among many other things, we share a deep love for:

  • dancing
  • jumping poses in photos
  • old school boy bands
  • Friends
  • massive Sonic drinks
  • exercise
  • inappropriate comments (TWSS!)
  • bizarre nicknames
  • Will and Grace

The last two explain the “poodle” part of my title. You see, Lyndsey and I consider ourselves to be like Jack and Karen from the show “Will and Grace”. The only difference is we are both women….and neither of us is gay…or an alcoholic…or filty rich. Okay, so there is a BIG difference…but we make up for it in enthusiasm!!

Since we both were finally home at the same time on a weekend, we decided to spend some time together. Our initial plan was to go to dinner on Saturday night, and follow it with a concert downtown, but as Saturday wore on, we realized our desire to dress up, look cute, and boogie all night was waning as quickly as the heat index was rising. Thus: plan number 2….

Plan 2 involved pj’s, fro-yo, dancing (from the comfort of our own home), and a Will and Grace marathon. Excellent plan, if I do say so myself! Our friend Hannah joined us for the first part of the evening, as we so happily lounged in our “comfies” while creating sugary concoctions so sweet I’m pretty sure I experienced a sugar high, a sugar low, and a sugar coma all in the span of 5 minutes.

Hannah left around midnight, and Lyndsey and I kept up our Will and Grace watching, hoping to make it through the end of Season One before we got too tired.

Well…that never happened. You know the saying, “nothing good ever happens after 2am”? Well, I’m here to tell you, friends, that it is a myth! Sometimes, MAGIC happens after 2am!

This video here is proof:


(Please excuse the awesome bed head and goofy expressions!)

After filming that little nugget o’ fun, we promptly laid back down for some more W & G before finally shutting down the party at about 3:30am….and then we woke up at 8am.

We are obviously adults. (the 8am wake up being the only testament to that!)

So, did you do anything fun or…interesting…this weekend??

hearts and hopped up on sugar hugs,



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