déjà move…

In 10 days I move…again. Want to know the last time I moved? That would be February…of this year. Alas, the apartment gods are not smiling on me, and thus, I will be switching abodes yet again. You want to know the good thing? I’m literally moving upstairs! Same building, just one floor up….penthouse baby! (well, not quite, unless a penthouse view is normally of a side street with a partial view of a Wal-Mart….)

Move or not, I’m excited for the new space. I’m planning (fingers and toes crossed) to be in this place for a decent amount of time, which means I can finallllllly start decorating! Right now I’ve just got piles of pictures sitting in my room, some framed, some not, staring at me as if to say, “Why? Why did you forget about us! We were meant to be hung on a wall! We want to feel needed and appreciated!!”

Your pictures don’t talk to you?? 😉

I don’t like to paint, since the painting-upon-moving-out process is a real biatch, so the walls will need to be covered using a different approach…I’m thinking: photo collages, wall decals, maybe even fabric wall hangings???

Color schemes are totally dependant on my mood…seriously, I can waver between styles faster than a schizophrenic can change personalities 🙂 However, I HAVE narrowed it down to either bright bolds, or soft pastels…see? Much better, right?


or BOLD!

So, here’s what I need….INSPIRATION!

I know a lot of people in the bloggie world have raved about Pinterest (heyyyy Mila!) but I have yet to figure it out…I mean, you’d think with the plethora of websites I’m either a part of, or just browsing, I would be able to figure it out?

Either way, I know that will be a good source for me. Other points of interest?

So…what else? Where else should I be looking? As much as I love fashion, my eyes tend to go towards skirts and not slip covers (and yet I work in furniture and lighting…cue the questionable eyebrow raises!).

Major purchases will need to be made, including a couch, entertainment stand, and loveseat (stress on the LOVE, people! ;))…I’m also going to be looking into some decorative pieces for the living room and dining area….urns, flowers, pictures, etc.

SO much to do! This will definitely be a work in progress, so I’m fully expecting my new pad to look like a garage sale for a bit…no worries! I just hope word doesn’t get out and old people start showing up with their reusable totes hoping to score a deal!

I’m all ears! Lend me your advice!!

hearts and decorative hugs,




  1. Hey I’m in the same boat!

    I moved in November(little bit long than you) but before that it was May and before that it was January and before that August! However this new apartment I move into in about 16 days has a years lease! So I plan on settling in. You should help me make this place a “home” and not just a bed area with dishes! I’m getting Hannah over to help sow up a couch I have that needs repair. Maybe you could come over then too and help me make my place less “I see you sleep and eat here” and more “Oh you LIVE here!”

  2. Two words: Jungle Theme.
    I think it will be awesome.

  3. Your passion for fashion is equal to my core for decore. 🙂

    Seriously, I say use a photo of a room you love for inspiration…for instance, your bold choice. It’s only bold in accessories but the staple pieces are neutral. That way, if you get sick of the bold colors you can easily change it back to a more subtle color scheme (i.e. pillows, lamps, vases, etc.). Most of my living room pieces are neutrals (cream, brown, grays) but I love my pops of color. They make me happy.

    Ikea has great room ideas, but I like mixing old vintage pieces with the new modern furniture. That’s something to keep in mind too. Ok, this is probably the longest comment I’ve ever left on your blog but decore is my core!

    • mishy, your core of decore is STRONG! i love the ideas…i’m going to try to find a neutral tone couch (like a choco brown) and then do accents…

      i also want to get a cool patterned chair…..

      so much to think about!

  4. oh Heyyyyyy, Pinterest shoutout!! That is definitely my number one suggestion. We are thinking of upgrading our kitchen now, so i have a kitchen board on Pinterest, and whenever i’m browsing anywhere on the web, i pin it into my Pinterest board to have everything in one spot for cabinet vs granite combo ideas. Pinterest is seriously the best. You dont even have to browse the entire internet for stuff for your board, you can just follow all of your friends (by connecting to FB or Twitter obvi) and getting ideas from their boards OR just searching within Pinterest for any pins that anyone has ever posted in the category you wish (i.e. ruffles, ooh the possibilities). Seriously I could go on for hours, so if you have more questions let me know! You should totally give it a try!

    • ohhhh you had me at ruffles!! haha ok i’m going to start browsing and see if I can figure it out 🙂 i’m pretty smart (at least in MY opinion!) so I think i’ll be able to figure it out…hopefully…haha

      what upgrades are you doing in the kitchen??

      • do you have an account? or do you need an invite? it took me a month to get in! not sure why it’s exclusive… maybe cuz it’s awesome?
        But we are thinking of getting granite countertops, so i want to pick just the right one (and backsplash!) to match our cupboards so we dont have to redo them. it’s tough… there is a lot to choose from!

    • i don’t have an acct!! set me up lady!! 🙂

      ooh and granite is the bomb! it’s nice to go with a sand speckled kind because then you can’t see the crumbs on the counter!!

      • yeah that’s exactly the kind we are looking at! And lighter since our kitchen is small. I will send u an invite right now! sorry for the delay!

    • ok can’t wait!!


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