opposites attract…

while on vacation, I had the blissful opportunity to pour over about 8 different magazines during my down time…now, this is not anything unusual, as I spend about 2 hours every weekend at my neighborhood Barnes and Noble doing just that…however, since I was gone more than 8 days, some mags got the twice-over, as opposed to my normal skim…I examined page after page of fashion spreads, editorials, how-to’s and what NOT to do’s. Each glossy provided their own spin on things, from Fitness’s casual, beach-y vibe, to Elle’s high-class, runway style. While ogling over the threads and treads, I started to daydream about different styles I’d like to see brought together…because sometimes, opposites really DO attract!!

here are some outfits I’d love to rock in the coming season(s):

biker ballerina – leather jackets and ballerina skirts…it’s a WHOLE new type of biker barre! 😉 Side note: keep the skirt on the longer side, or else you might look a little Halloween costume-ish. Complete the look with ballet flats or studded booties…either look is a winner!

sexy sporty – who says that stilettos always have to be worn with bandage skirts? Why can’t our feet have a little break every once in a while in some flats? I’d add a cropped tee up top to complete the casual vibe…

prairie glam – it’s boho box office diva…I’d mix a flowy, seventies style maxi skirt with a sequined print top, some dangly earrings, wooden clogs and WHAM! It’s lunch time meets drinks with the girls!

the brown/black combo – chic-ness at it’s finest (besides the basic black)…I love the versatility of this look, how you can switch the colors from top to bottom, and how easy and sophisticated it feels. Pair the look with some black suede pumps and a pair of tortoise-shell glasses, and you are ready to go!

for the guys, I love seeing the chic, slim cut blazers with distressed denim and converse shoes…I love the casual look mixed with a little sophistication….gets me every time!!

got any style combos you’d like to rock?

also…have you started your fall wish list yet?? Mine is slowly growing!

hearts and hugs,




  1. What a fun post! These are great combos! I am a huge proponent of black and brown and am always defending it! I think if it’s done consistently and with intention it is a great, classic look. The only exception in my mind is with a suit that stays traditional. It’s a pet peeve when i see a guy at the office in a black suit and brown shoes. Clearly not done intentionally… 😉

    • thanks! yeah, i’m starting to try to merge some styles that I normally wouldn’t wear…and the brown/black combo is so fun! I’m also doing some navy/black stuff together…I used to think colors like that would never go, but with this whole color blocking trend, it just goes to show that you can meld so many different things together!

      oh, and the black suit brown shoes thing? yeah…i see that a lot here….just because I work at a retail corp doesn’t mean everyone has style! haha 🙂

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