the importance of being…family.

I’m back! After being gone quite a bit this summer, I’ve finally settled back in at home. Granted, my seat is now an office chair, as opposed to a beach chair, and the air is filled with white noise and not waves crashing….My hair is finally combed, I’ve put makeup on, and I’m wearing shoes. It’s amazing the transformation that can be done in a single day! 🙂

Despite all the epic fun and crazy shenanigans (which I’ll highlight later when I post some pics…), I always love to come out of any vacation with a positive thought…

Being around my family is like being in a snowglobe…wait for a minute and let me explain….everything is cute and fun on the inside, fuzzy feelings floating around like little snowflakes…our whole world wrapped up in a little bubble, everyone oblivious to the outside noises and complications. I can sit on a couch with my cousins while our aunts and uncles stir/chop/saute in the kitchen, separate conversations tied together by the confines of the house, the easy-ness of the setting allowing those “snowflakes” to finally settle and land on the floor. Our snowglobe can be small or large, depending on who is in it at the moment, but no matter what, we are always together, happy, at peace…content. There are no blackberries or IPhones out, the only things pulled up on an errant laptop are slideshows of family photos from previous vacations . We are present, knowing that our time together is sometimes short, and being in our snowglobe makes it impossible to be left out or ignored. We must ALL be active, stirring up conversations, enticing the “snowflakes” to do their happy dance.

Family is important. Family is a treasure. Family is a blessing for some, but not all. Fortunately, for me, family is a gift. I’ve been blessed with loved ones who share my passions, my loves, and my joys. They also share my heartaches and fears. They are there to stir up the snowflakes, and they are there when they settle….

love you all!

hearts and happy to be back hugs,




  1. I love how close you are with your family! I am very homesick at the moment. I haven’t seen my family since Father’s day, and will finally see them in 2 weeks. But it’s hard living so far away, especially around my birthday the homesickness escalates! Glad you had a fun week!

    • i love it too! where is your immediate family? are they in the same state? I know how hard it is to live far away…i realized that BIG time when I was living in Italy!! glad you get to see them soon!!

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