summertime at the beach: San Blas (part two)

Another perfect day, another perfect ocean breeze. I couldn’t ask for a better vacation environment! The sky is completely cloud free, the sun is hot, and my tan is getting darker!! I took the day off this morning from running and instead slept in until (gasp!) 8:30am…bliss. Pam and John had to leave today around 11am, so the morning was spent sunning a bit, then saying goodbye to my beloved sis and BIL. Sadly, they had to get back to work, and couldn’t stay the full week with us.

They DID manage to stay long enough to take the obligatory family photo with our Blanda Family Reunion t-shirts, designed each year by our dear Uncle Andy. Silly photos and serious photos were taken, the setting sun acting as our very own “photo shop”…

Last night we ate a fabulous chicken curry cooked by Uncle Steve and Aunt Amy, and I swear this morning I could smell it coming out of my skin! Lovely, eh? You know you have had good curry when it becomes part of your everyday “musk”. 🙂

Our curry dinner was followed by the traditional s’mores and bonfire evening, and we lounged around the fire pit until well into the night, enjoying the breeze, conversation, and sporadic fireworks from people down the beach.

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now, the beach is such good therapy. I feel relaxed when I’m here, I feel calm…the serenity of the waves is a quiet peace that rests on my soul. Ahhhh….

love you all!

hearts and sunkissed hugs,




  1. i need some beach therapy! stevie comes home tomorrow at 5:24 am and i can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. it’s so fun that your family does something like this! and it includes a beach! win, win. i’m jealous, tho is it as steamy there as it is up here? 102 but feels like 110 today, and the humidity is getting closer to 100% every day! at least you have a beach and water to cool off in, i only have my office where the AC is so high i am wearing a sweater… so sad. enjoy the rest of your week!

    • omg mila! that is intense! i didn’t think it got that hot up there, but apparently it does!! ick….the water has been sooooo warm, it’s amazing! i’m sad to be leaving tomorrow 😦

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