please don’t forget about me!

Okay, I realize I JUST got back from a vacation, but I’m off again, for another 10 days…this time to the Florida gulf for a lil’ Blanda Family Reunion 2011 action. It’s going to be wild! I predict many intense games of scrabble, countless bottles of wine drunk, (hopefully) hours of sunning, hours of beach running, and many many trashy magazines read. I will also be eating LOTS of good fun, drinking multiple cups of coffee while watching the sun rise, and playing with dolphins in the ocean this time….not sharks. If the rain stays at bay (remember God, we have a deal!!) then it should be a fantastic week…regardless, I know I’ll have a good time, as our family most definitely knows how to have a party!

All that to say, I’ll be blogging periodically throughout the trip, so don’t desert me! (I almost wrote dessert…I’ve already got food on the brain and we haven’t even left yet…sheesh).

On the way down we are stopping in Daphne, Alabama for the night. When we get there we will be making a quick detour at the local Rave Theater 12 – Jubilee Square, to see the newest Harry Potter flick…I’d say that it was my idea, but actually, my dearest mother was the one who couldn’t wait till after vacay…what can I say, Harry’s got her under a spell….;) kidding, love ya mom!

We arrive Saturday afternoon…my sis and BIL will be joining us that day (they are flying…pshhh), as well as the rest of the Blanda crew…and then, ALL BETS ARE OFF!

I have a feeling once bags are unpacked and organized, wine is uncorked in preparation for evening cocktail hour, and swimsuits are on (who am I kidding? Mine will probably already be under my dress), I am going to head straight to the water for a little dippity do. I am also very pumped to FINALLY see my cousin Hadley! She was born over a year ago and I have yet to squeeze her little cheeks (of both kinds…wink wink)!! Isn’t she presh??

so, bright and early tomorrow (I heard an ETD of 6am) I will be heading out…catch ya on the gulf side!!

hearts and happy travelling hugs,


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