I’m feeling quirky today (well…when am I not), so I thought I’d throw out some more confessions for ya, you know, to keep it real….because, let’s face it, so far on this blog I’ve been nothing but classy 😉 eh? eh?

So here are some things you might not see on my resume, personality test, or profile description:

 – I keep a bottle of contact solution in my kitchen just in case…of what, I’m not sure yet…

 – I always make WAY to much coffee in the morning. Apparently I live with 5 other people I’m not aware of…

 – I leave bobby pins wherever I go

 – I have pillows in the back seat of my car, in case I’m ever stuck somewhere and I need to sleep back there…

 – I always sing in the car

 – I consistently fall out of my bed trying to reach my phone on the floor

 – I sigh after I laugh

 – my favorite color is NOT pink

 – that last point was a lie

 and finally…

 – I have not packed/done laundry/shopped for my vacation, and I leave tomorrow! 

5 o’clock couldn’t get here fast enough!!

any confessions of your own??

hearts and hugs,




  1. I tend to carry contact solution with me, along with my glasses. Too often, I’ve found myself spontaneously staying the night with friends, and I don’t care to walk blind…

    I never make enough coffee. Apparently, there are five other people living with me, drinking my delicious coffee before I can.

    I LOSE bobby pins wherever I go. I should start following you around.

    I have always kept a blanket in the trunk of my car. I’ve used it for many a nap. Or for rescuing pesky turtles trying to cross the road.

    I always talk in the car. To whom…? Does it matter?

    I consistently fall out of bed trying to get out of bed.

    I snart after I laugh.

    That last point is a lie. But I sigh after I sneeze.

    My favorite color is not pink.

    THAT last point is true.

    I did laundry last night, but I haven’t packed/shopped/cleaned, and I leave in a day and a half.

    All that to say, I think we could live very well together. Certainly better than we have before. 🙂


    • oh pammie…i love you….we WOULD live together well, considering we did for oh….16 years!! haha but back then we were a bit more ornery…fighting when we would wear the same outfit, or when we would take up too much space in the bathroom…if only we knew then what we knew now: that we are awesome.


  2. I buy clear eyes because I don’t have contacts but what to feel cool like people who where them!

    I always dump out the pot of coffee I make in the mornings because it taste nasty. I’m not sure what is wrong with my coffee making skills but I always just end up putting a kettle on for tea instead!

    I used to pick up random bobby pins all the time to put in my hair when it was big and out of control. Oddly enough I found tons at the Hills!

    I have blankets and a stuffed animal in my car just in case I really want to have a picnic with a friend randomly.

    I always listen to 106.1 in the morning even though I think they are the least funny people on radio!

    I have two pillows stacked on top of each other next to my bed that I put my phone on, because I got tired of falling off mine trying to reach for my phone.

    I fake laugh more than I real laugh.

    My favorite color is not pink

    That is the truth!

    I still haven’t fully unpacked from my trip to Austin last week.

    • oh jarrott..its been too long since I’ve seen you…are you hiding out at a secret random picnic spot?? 🙂

      the pillow thing is a good idea…or maybe I should just not be cheap and buy a nightstand….

      the people on 106.1 are most definitely NOT funny, you are right about that…
      i heart austin…

  3. Sometimes I let out a sigh for no apparent reason, usually it’s just a break in between thoughts, everyone always asks me what’s wrong, as if I’m sighing because I’m upset, I always say “nothing, my dogs do it all the time, just feels like the right thing to do”, lol.

    • haha I love that you said, “my dogs do it all the time,”…too funny!

      i get that same reaction sometimes when I sigh…people are like, “are you sad??”

      no! just breathing! sheesh…. 🙂

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