summer is still here…

so why not keep shopping for cute summer dresses? I mean, when have I EVER not had an excuse to shop?? Funny story, my mom just got invited to a “sell your gold” party, and asked if I wanted to tag along. I told her if the party were called “sell your Forever 21 jewelry” then I would jump all over that invite! But, alas, the only gold I have are family heirlooms, and thus, will stay put in my jewelry box.

This post isn’t about jewelry, though, so I digress….

I was browsing on a favorite online site of mine, ASOS, when I spotted this little beauty marked down from $86.20 to $43.10….

so, of course, like any sappy romantic comedy, I bet you can guess the ending to this tale?

That’s right….I bought it.

It’s now somewhere between NJ and TX right about now…soaring over the fifty nifty states, ready to plop itself right down on my doorstep. I’m giggling with excitement, if you can’t already tell!

bought anything giggle-worthy (or if you are a guy, grunt-worthy) lately??

hearts and shopaholic hugs,




  1. omg i totally am still recovering from a serious shopping buzz this weekend. i have been working 13 hour days (including weekends) and finally had a day off and did some serious damage, which i deserved of course and it made me really happy. i also just ordered a dress from VS that i am anxiously awaiting because i’ve been eyeing it for not 1, not 2, but 3 seasons! i can’t believe they still have it, and it’s on sale, and it’s crochet, and it’s fate. the end.

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