rain and sun equals not much fun…

So my family is heading down to Florida this Friday for our annual Blanda Family Reunion  10 day Bonanza….and I just so happened to check the weather for the week….

lo and behold, this is what I came across:

what the (FOUL FILTH FOUL FOUL FILTH) is going on???

Dear Lord, please oh please take into consideration the fact that a HUGE pet peeve of mine is when it rains during sunny weather. Also please note the sad faces that will be made if no swimming/sunning/running can be done. So, if you could keep the clouds from parting for this week and next, I would be much obliged. Love you!


hearts and hopeful hugs,




  1. BLAST!!!!!

  2. WHHAAAAAAAAAATT????????????????? I hope their weathermen are like Texas weathermen…wrong!

  3. yikes that is a scary sight! but i find that weathermen lie and are more likely to be wrong any further than the current day. what are the percentages for rain? cuz sometimes they’ll put that sad picture but say the probability is 30%, which we know always means 0%… hope i don’t jinx you.

    • I know, i’m hoping they are just lying to me right now!! I didn’t check the percentages, but I will now, good call!! hoping they are just below 50%….because yeah, we all know that means not likely!!

      fingers crossed!!


  1. […] rise, and playing with dolphins in the ocean this time….not sharks. If the rain stays at bay (remember God, we have a deal!!) then it should be a fantastic week…regardless, I know I’ll have a good time, as our […]

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