photo recap and highlights: Barcelona

highlights from Barcelona:

 – knowing the language, and getting to use it

  – the amazing sea views


 – gazpacho!

 – my mom and I walking till we hurt, then easing that pain with a cocktail (or three)

 – the naked man on the beach…in all his glory

 – tapas…and anything on small plates for that matter

 – having Jens be our tour guide through the city

 – seeing Jens do an impression of a cow

 – laughing at my parents practice their Barcelona lisp

 – having many “rib eye” moments while at dinner

 – sharing with my mom a plate of seafood the size of a large watermelon

 – standing on a fortress wall looking out over the city, and declaring myself Queen of everything

 – oogling over the glassware and mosaics all over the city

 – eating breakfast at a local cafe, watching a man bake bread in the room next door

 – finally knowing the conversion rate for our purchases…one of the few times I loved the euro!


 hearts and small (plate) hugs,





  1. I am late in the game with catching up, but I love your photo recaps and favorite things about each area! The closest I’ll be to going to all of these places, for a while…

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