photo recap and highlights: Stockholm

highlights from Stockholm:

 – being surrounded by beautiful men 🙂 (i mean…c’mon…who can complain?)

 – seeing a warship from the 1600’s that was completely preserved

 – seeing skeletons from said warship…I’m allll about the dead bodies! (please no comment!)

 – taking a boat cruise around the bay

 – enjoying a glass of wine with mems after a long day of walking

 – strolling in the complete daylight at 10pm at night by the water

 – taking funny pictures on our bus tour…because what else are you going to do at stoplights?

 – eating at a gorgeous restaurant by the water

 – not understanding the kroner-dollar ratio, and thus enabling “care freespending

 – spotting an H&M and NOT going in…that’s progress people!!

 – meeting Jens and thus starting a great rest of the trip with our new Swedish friend!


hearts and hunky man hugs,





  1. Seriously beautiful photos. Can’t wait to go there someday. And I love your Utfart photoshoot? what does it mean? But of course it’s hard to be a foreigner and stay mature… I have similar photo shoots myself 😉

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