photo recap and highlights: London

highlights from London:

 – the abundance of “wear what you want” fashion

 – that it did NOT rain the entire time (flashback to 2009)

 – amazing Indian food

 – Portobello Market

 – my bright blue flower necklace bought at above market

 – The Victoria and Albert museum (even though the fashion exhibit was closed!)

 – Bon Jovi in Hyde Park (we didn’t go, but knowing he was there? Priceless :))

 – listening to my mom say “sorry” in her cute accent (it sounds like “surrey!”)

 – having a new appreciation for the word “rib eye” (sorry…family joke…can’t divulge..but let’s just say it’s kinda dirty! ;))

 – riding the tube and having staring contests with old men wearing “Thursday” socks on a Saturday

 – not having to translate any of the language…it can get tiring sometimes!

 – giggling internally every time I heard the word “banger” or “cockfosters

 – being back in a city that is so full of life


 hearts and tea filled hugs,




  1. Ahh…my favorite city!!

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