summertime in the city: Sankt Martin

Little town, it’s a quiet village…everyday, like the one before. Little town, full of little people…waking up…to…say…..GUTENTAG!

My last stop in the tour was Sankt Martin, Germany, the sleepy little home town of Stephan and his family. Stephan works for my father, heading up most of the Western European side of the business, and he and his wife and four-year old child live in the quiet little town about 1 hour from Frankfurt. Instead of spending our last two days in Frankfurt, we wanted to share our time with Stephan, Ana, and Rafaelle, our adopted European family. I absolutely adore Ana and Rafaelle, and it was wonderful to be able to spend more quality time with them, since I can usually only see them once a year! Another plus to the situation is Ana and Rafaelle only speak Italian and German, so my father and I got to use our language skills to converse. Of course, Stephan was there to translate any unusual sayings that came out of Rafaelle’s mouth :).

When we arrived in Germany from Barcelona (after a lovely 1.5 hour flight delay), my parents and I settled in to our hotel and freshened up before driving over to Stephan’s house. Stephan is a foodie, a gourmand, a lover of cuisine. It’s divine. He loves to cook, and we love to eat, so of course, we were more than happy to come over and enjoy a lovely home cooked meal with him and his family. One of the highlights of the entire trip was pulling up and having Rafaelle literally scream and run at us like we were Santa Claus and it was the 25th of December. Having that child jump up into my arms and squeeze me like no tomorrow made my ovaries ache just a little bit :). Dinner that night was amazing, as usual, and we sat and enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours before calling it a night and heading back to the hotel.

The next morning, my mom and I went for a casual stroll around the town, taking pictures and peeking into little wine shops. Sankt Martin is nestled among a few different wineries, so vino is most definitely the theme of the town. Bliss.

Around lunchtime we met up with Stephan and Co. and drove about 1 hour to a town called Heidelburg. The women’s soccer world cup was actually going on there at that time, so we immediately spotted  a few American’s sporting their soccer gear. Drats. I was hoping my last day in Europe wouldn’t involve crowds of my own people. Turns out, the crowds were only surrounding the ESPN vans, and the rest of the town was true Deutschland :). Happy girl once again.

Heidelburg was such a picturesque town, located right along the Rhine river, with a beautiful pedestrian shopping street in the old section of town. In true Euro fashion, there was an H&M, but alas, I was all shopped out (what?? who AM I??) and only stopped in to browse with my mom. The rest of the day in Heidelburg included TONS more walking, gelato, spectacular views of the city from an old castle, and time together as a true cross-cultural family. You should have heard us! During each conversation, we would switch between German, Italian and English. It was wild. There were some times where I would literally say half a sentence in one language, and finish off the thought in another. One thing I did notice was how easily everything came back to me. It really is true that the best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in the culture.

After spending the afternoon browsing shops and people watching (we caught about 4 weddings that day! crazy!!), we headed out for dinner in another town about 20 minutes north of Sankt Martin. The restaurant was amazing. The town was the home town of the former Chancellor of Germany, and he loved to bring dignitaries, royalty, Presidents, etc. to this restaurant. The walls on the inside of the restaurant are lined with pictures of past visitors….and guess who one of them was?? THE FREAKING QUEEN! I know, I know, that’s not what the caption of the photo said, but that’s the kind of reaction I had when I saw it! I mean, come on….anyone who is an anglophile like myself always wants to hear that HRM has possibly eaten the same dinner! (I had the rabbit by the way…excellent choice!)

The dinner was a perfect bookend to a wonderful trip. The following morning, I woke bright and early so my parents could drive me in to Frankfurt for my flight home. They would continue on to Italy the next day. Since it WAS my last day, my dad decided to cheer me up by driving over 120mph on the way to the airport…gotta love the autobahn!! 🙂 Of course, my mom remained oblivious to it all, partly for the fact that her face was glued to the windows for deer sightings alongside the road…oh mom….

The trip back was uneventful, but slightly long, and I arrived home to be greeted by blasting 104 degree heat and long lines at customs….GOD BLESS THE USA! 🙂

Photo recaps and highlights will be coming later….glad to be back! 🙂

hearts and happy 5th of July hugs,




  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I would say “trip of a lifetime!” but know there will be many more in your future. So happy you got to go with Mom and Dad! Love you Boodles!

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