summertime in the city: London

London baby!! We arrived in London after a two-day whirlwind of the English Riviera…only to experience yet ANOTHER two-day whirlwind of London! One of the only saving graces was the fact that this city isn’t new to our family, and we could navigate without having to think as much as if we were travelling to an entirely new place. Our normal hotel, Hotel Kensington, wasn’t available due to Wimbledon, so we stayed at a new to all place, Base 2 Stay, in the Earl’s Court area of Kensington…posh, quiet, and clean. Perfect. After checking in to our hotel, we set off to do a bit of exploring on our first night. In order to just “get out and about”, we took the bus around what felt like the ENTIRE city of London….passing by the Eye, the Tower, the wobbly bridge, St. Paul’s…we caught a bit of the big ones via public transport…obviously we couldn’t do it all in the short time we had here, so taking the transit just to catch a site of the well knowns was just fine by everyone. We did stop off at a few markets and shops to pick up some prizes for certain people…tee hee…but for the most part, we walked…and walked…and walked…so much so that my toes now sport some rather pretty red spots (I prefer not to use the term “blister”…too manly). Not to worry! I brought along my trusty Hello Kitty band aids to cover up the unsightly “spots”, thus making my toes the cat’s meow…..pun intended :). Our night ended at a wonderful little Indian place located a few blocks from our hotel. Unfortunately, that fact was not known to us as we trekked there in the getting-stronger-by-the-minute rain…I like to call it our “informal tour of the homes of the rich and famous as we inconspicuously try to find our restaurant”. Either way, curry was had, wine was drunk, and outright gawking was done by us at the cradle robber and his prey presiding at the table next to ours. Ohhh, it was like an Indian Indiana Jones and his Persian lovahhhh…..BOMB dot COM.  

The next day, after FINALLY sleeping in till 8:45am (I know…pathetic), we took off in search of fourbucks starbucks, and then headed off to Portobello Market…the place where antiques/costume jewelry/flowy skirts/stuffed animal/vintage decor/etc. goes to die. I swear, it was like jumping into a Willy Wonka wonderland of retro fashion. My brain was so overwhelmed by the sights and sometimes smells that I found myself NOT able to buy things. Yes, you heard that right. I had a hard time making purchases. When that happens, you know either the item is either too overpriced, or too fantastic that I begin to doubt myself so completely that I am left utterly speechless with my hand trembling over my wallet, unable to open it enough to pull out my plastic. Therefore, after HOURS of wandering, I walked away with only two necklaces and a prize for my dear friend Hannah. If I were to go about my normal rate of shopping per hour, I should  have come out of there with approximately 25.456 items. Don’t worry about the math…I use a special calculater 🙂

After the slightly disappointing, yet very much fun time at the market, we headed back to our hotel to drop our purchases, wipe the layer of Portobello grime off of our bodies, and head out again for Covent Garden…yet another market. You’d think I would have learned my lesson? Oh no…this time, it was much worse…this time NO purchases were made. That’s right. I’d gone and lost it. So what’s a girl to do but drown her sorrows in some champagne at an outdoor cafe?? And there’s hummus, pita bread and feta cheese? Okay, I think I’ll stay awhile.

Walking some more after our pre dinner “snack”, we headed back to Kensington, finally holing up for the night at a cute little Italian restaurant called Strada. We enjoyed some risotto, salmon, bread and olive oil, and gelato for dessert…yummers. Yet another great end to a great day. One country down…3 more to go!!

Sweden here we come!

hearts and brilliant hugs,






  1. I LOVE your writing! Each post is better than the last; I feel right with you in your glorious adventures!!!

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