summertime in the city: the English Riviera

Ahhh, the English riviera, home to Agatha Christie, countless old folks, and diehard fishermen. I’m writing this from our car as we head back to London, having spent the last day and a half touring the hilly cliffside town of Torquay. What a beautiful place! Quaint, with a touch of city in the form of busy outer roads and men in business suits. Other than that, the town really was, and I quote our B&B concierge, “quite provincial!” (and you better believe I busted out some Beauty and the Beast on that one!). We arrived in London around lunchtime and made the 4 hour drive to Torquay straight after. Hillsides dotted with sheep and cows were our only sights to see. It really is so beautiful, though, the grass as green as can be, the sky an immense blue. So peaceful! And yet all I could think of was the horror movie “Black Sheep” where the sheep go crazy and attack the townspeople…I blame it on jet lag, but I’ll let you make up your own mind on that one :). When we arrived, we walked a bit, but really only had time for dinner. And WHAT a dinner! We ate at the Orange Tree, a quiet little restaurant tucked away on a sidestreet. It appeared to be an old home, and it really felt like a home, the staff as attentive as a
mother tending to her children at suppertime. The food was amazing (I ate asparagus mousse as a starter!) and the wine was flowing! A perfect end to a long day of travel…one made easier with the amazing upgrade to BUSINESS CLASS on the flight! Yessss, a flight where I am able to recline alllll the way back in my seat while watching a endless amount of movies with an endless amount of wine is just bliss. Pure bliss. Needless to say, day one was a success! Yesterday my mom and I took off to explore while the men went to some meetings. We walked for a few hours, exploring, popping into shops, checking out the local “flavor”…lunch was had Italian style, aka sitting on a bench, people watching while enjoying hunks of bread and cheese. Very SMELLY cheese, I might add! Back at the hotel we couldn’t figure out what the weird smell was in our room… Turns out it was the leftover cheese! Oops 🙂 after hours of walking and shopping down (purchases made at Topshop and H&M! Oy Oy!) we sat down for another amazing meal…so blessed to be in the company of foodies! Since we had an early wake up call this morning, we only stayed out at the pubs until 10:30pm… Ha ha I’m such a old fart sometimes… Well, first couple of days down…more to come!

Hearts and happy hugs,



  1. LOVE it!!!! Keep the stories coming!!

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